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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 3

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Our weekly tour around the country to see how our “writers” will be enjoying football season

Welcome to week 3 everybody. We’ve got a great slate of games this week like—
/checks notes...
— um...Iowa vs Northern Iowa, Indiana vs Ball State, and [pause for dramatic effect] Rutgers vs Kansas.

Ok, so it’s going to take a lot of beer to get through this week. You guys made it through ¡El Assico! and you can make it through this. Let’s see what everyone is drinking!

Creighton: Assuming I have electricity tomorrow, I’ll be watching games from my couch. Food will be chicken wings because I don’t feel like putting any effort into cooking to watch Iowa vs UNI. I’m diving headfirst into pumpkin beer season with some Pumpking and Warlock from Southern Tier.

Zuzu: I will be, again, hanging with the Rutgers Club in Santa Monica. These guys are really growing on me. Plus, we have to show up in numbers because the Oklahoma crowd is huge and annoying. They’d take over the whole place if not for us. It’ll be college football for breakfast again, so... eh, probably won’t be drinking, but the brunch waffles at this place are freaking AMAZING.

Boilerman: God willing, I’ll be back home near Roanoke from a 4-year old’s birthday party in time for kickoff. If not, I shall seek whatever swill is available and hoping Purdue isn’t getting their heads kicked in by a Mizzou team looking for revenge from last year’s 35-3 beatdown. Once the kiddos are asleep, I plan to break into some Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold.

LincolnParkWildcat: I will be in Evanston, and I’ll be drinking a few daisy cutters.

Brian: I’ll be doing my part to keep Austin weird this weekend, as I’ll be in the Lone Star State to watch USC battle Texas … hopefully under sunny skies. This will be my second time in Austin … and I can smell the barbeque already.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: Once again I will be spending a chunk of a Saturday at HISTORIC TCF Bank Stadium. It looks like it’ll be in the mid-80s this Saturday, so I’ll need to switch back from Nordeast to Grain Belt Premium, but I won’t be having too many of them. Saturday is PreschoolSpeedReceiver’s 5th birthday, and I’ve got plans with her both before and after the game. She turned down my offer to go to the game, though, so she’ll have to live the rest of her life knowing that she missed the opportunity to watch Minnesota and Miami face off.

Beezer: I’ll be getting poured on and wind-blown-at-me’d in Greensboro, watching only football games that are on BTN2Go or the ESPN app, because digital antennas absolutely do not work in mild storms, let along hurricanes. If I drink something beer-ish, it’ll be a pumpkin ale, an oktoberfest, or some off-brand koolaid.

Hurricane Kraszewski:As it’s MSU’s bye week, this may well be cider mill weekend. That probably still means metro Detroit, but precisely where is TBD. Choice of drink is kinda suggested by where I’m going to be, innit?

Candystripes For Breakfast: As it’s a noon kick (but my week to have Saturday off, woo!), I’ll probably be rolling out of bed to watch IU-Ball State. Some sort of cold coffee drink is going to be my beverage of choice, and hopefully the Cardinals won’t make me long for something stronger.

DJ: Update for me! Wife is no longer heading out of town this weekend so now I can revert back to normal Saturday status of lounging in front of the TV, watching the MD game and then whatever other games peak my interest that day. Cold beverages will be consumed and if I’m lucky, it’s not raining and I can grill all the meals of the weekend. No smoker this weekend; it’s way too windy to keep that thing consistent.

Townie: I hate hurricanes. So I’ll be drinking rum, channeling my inner Lt. Dan, lashing myself to the front of my house and shouting epithets at god and Pat fucking Narduzzi. I like good rum. And by that I mean Zaya Gran Riserva 12-year.

Nate: I have a case of budlight and various bottles of booze leftover from the beach house last weekend. I’ll either be drinking that on my couch or I may venture to The Other Side Bar and watch with the few Gopher fans living in Chicago.

BigRedTwice: I’ll be at home, trying to get my head back above water with a new job. We’ll see what’s in the fridge to drink. I am as boring as I hope this game is.

ziowa9: This weekend I’ll be in Framingham, Massachusetts (my home) drinking Coke Zero (yeah it’s lame, but I’m old) watching B1G football.

Dead Read: I will be sitting in lovely downtown Lincoln. There will be Mexican food. There will be football. Like BRT, I hope for boredom.

MNWildcat: Dear God, I’ve done it. I’ve decided to drive from Carbondale to Evanston to watch Northwestern host Akron under the lights at Ryan Field. I am an idiot.

Beer will be some Southern Illinois treats I bring up, likely from Big Muddy in neighboring Murphysboro or the Pecan Brown Ale I had from 4204 Main Street Brewing Co. in Belleville.

...just kidding, Northwestern friends. It’ll be Hamm’s. It’s always Hamm’s.

Jesse: Hi! I will be sitting in my living room for the first 11:00 AM kick of the season, hopefully enjoying some breakfast tacos because BREAKFAST TACOS and probably drinking copious amounts of coffee. Pretty excited right now.

Stewmonkey: I will be in lovely Iowa City tailgating all day for the first night game of the year. I’ll be bringing my smoker for a bacon explosion, ribs, and some bacon rollups. I’ll be drinking various local beers from Iowa Brewing Company, Big Grove, Toppling Goliath, and Thew.

Now you know what we’re doing, but what about you guys? Are you hiding in your hurricane shelter, only to emerge decades later so you can fight wastelanders and super mutants? Are you going to have your stomach pumped because you took a drink after every time you heard commentators say “RPO”? LET US KNOW IN THE COMMENTS!