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Mailbag the 2nd

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Let’s start getting into a bit of a groove.

“Why is Michigan?” indeed.
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Hello friends! Welcome to the new season? How did everyone’s first game gooooooooooh wait. Hey Nebraska, can you go sit in the hall for a few minutes? We’re going to talk about football. Thanks. I’m just kidding. Come on back, Nebraska. You tried, and a higher power decided to make Scott Frost’s opening night a really memorable one. Just...nobody say “Macbeth” again next Saturday before the game, OK?

I’d like to start by thanking everyone for responding for the request for questions last week, but in the chaos of everything (especially with a Thursday night game to attend, which means work needs to get done on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so I could take Thursday and Friday off, which just made those days a mess) and well...whoops. We’ll take the best questions and throw them into this week’s responses. But I’d love to know what you’d like to know. Which punter put in the best performance? Whose guards pulled better than the rest? Which QB looked the best reverse-pivoting to his left to run off tackle? We’re here to dispense our thoughts and passive-aggressive contempt for our rivals like Big Gingers with a little wedge of lemon and lime at a Labor Day party to go with your ribs.

Have a great night and tomorrow, everybody. We appreciate your labors below the line here as well.