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What To Expect From Jordan McNair Investigation Results

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Maryland is set to release the results of the investigation into the death of OL Jordan McNair this afternoon. Here is everything you need to know.

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Maryland is set to release the results of the investigation into the death of OL Jordan McNair this afternoon. Here is everything you need to know:

Maryland will announce that they made grave mistakes in the initial diagnosis and treatment of McNair

This is a known fact that will come out as President Wallace Loh has already accepted full moral and legal responsibility for the events that day but expect the report to detail that Maryland misdiagnosed the onset of heat stroke and did not treat Jordan appropriately. Loh has already disclosed that his temperature was never taken but what hasn’t been publicly disclosed is that McNair was left to rest on the field for a good while, perhaps until the workout was complete, before being moved indoors to be further evaluated. Just awful.

We will finally find out what coaches, if any, had any interactions with Jordan after he was helped to the sidelines

There has been much debate among Maryland fans, and anyone else who is brave enough to step into that ugly argument, about what role the assistant coaches and head coach DJ Durkin played during that fateful workout. Was this just the training staff running the workout with the head coach/assistants watching on from a distance or observing their position groups? Or did they actively participate in the workout or observe McNair? This seems to be the key question that should be resolved from the investigation as there has been much speculation over who had what kind of responsibility in this practice. Was Durkin anywhere near McNair or was he observing from a distance or watching from his office overlooking the field?

One thing is for certain, do not expect any sort of video to be released. There has been a lot of smoke and FOIA requests surrounding video documentation of this workout but don’t expect video to be released. Over the last few weeks there has been a strong rumor that Maryland indeed did not video this workout since it was purely a conditioning workout and the only video that exists is a security camera. That video could be released but to what extent does that actually show McNair during the workout?

Someone is getting fired

Maryland will indeed fire someone as a result of this. Will this finally become the fate of DJ Durkin? There is a sentiment growing in the Maryland fanbase that Durkin may be exonerated from this investigation. If so, what does Maryland do with him? Do they fire him anyways as he is the head coach and ultimately responsible for the entire program or do they keep him and face the PR battle ahead?

Either way, someone is getting canned. Regardless of Durkin’s fate I would expect quite a few more from the medical and training staff to be fired with the results made public. While we don’t know exactly what occurred yet, Loh’s acceptance of full responsibility should be telling enough to know that they really screwed it up.

Is this enough to pressure the Board of Regents to relieve Wallace Loh of his position?

Probably not. While this is certainly going to reflect extremely poorly on Loh for quite literally making every single wrong decision possible, the straw that may break the camel’s back if you will may be the results of the toxic culture investigation. That isn’t to say that the results are going to be bad — quite the contrary — the results are expected to be that Durkin ran a clean but demanding program.

What does that mean for Wallace Loh? Well, on top of the ridiculousness that he had not even contacted the McNair family prior to the press conference two months ago, it means that Wallace Loh put the head football coach on administrative leave for more than a month based on a sensationalized article ran by ESPN with little verification. Loh’s continued PR mishaps have potentially cost the University millions as they may need to pay DJ Durkin to get out of his contract as its strongly rumored both investigations have found almost nothing to fire him for. Further, it became obvious to the Board of Regents that Loh was in over his head as they relieved him of all duties associated with the two investigations and placed a majority of the candidates on the toxic culture investigation to effectively out number Loh’s appointees to get an unbiased opinion. While he may not outright be fired, it would not be surprising in the least to see an announced retirement of Loh in the near term as a fallout of these events.


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