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Did Nebraska Really Duck Akron?

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Of course not, but that wont stop some of you from jumping straight to the comments!

NCAA Football: Colorado at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

So as some of you may know, the first scheduled game of the season for the Nebraska Cornhuskers was canceled due to lightning. Their opponent, also their first game, the Akron Zips. This was payday game for the Zips to come into Lincoln, be the sacrificial lamb to the alter of the new coach debut, and leave down with a truck full of cash.

Well the weather didn’t cooperate, the teams didn’t either, and the game was canceled. This story could have been over weeks ago, but it isn’t. Akron’s AD recently had some interesting comments. In a twist, the Zips have started 2-0, and Nebraska 0-2, possibly lending credibility to his claims. You can read more about those claims here.

Of course those claims are ridiculous. Of course I would have taken many more shots at Nebraska if I wrote the article for Hustle Belt, but sadly I did not. So that begs to question, why would the Akron AD make those comments?

At this point, it is mere speculation. My guess is that he is negotiating a payday in the press, because Akron, quite simply, needs the money. Quite frankly, I am shocked the game didn’t get played the next day, as Nebraska has said time and again was on the table. The Zips played a road game on Sunday last season, after the game was canceled due to weather. The Zips won that game. A pre-noon game in the bible belt on Sunday would have probably been more beneficial to the Zips than the Cornhuskers. I don’t think sleeping in dorm rooms really scared off the Zips. I don’t think Nebraska made false claims about there being an offer of a Sunday game on the table. So what gives?

Akron’s AD is not a moron and he isn’t making a wild claim just because he wants his 15 minutes of fame. There is more to this story and it will be interesting how it all plays out. I am confident whatever the final verdict, the reason this game didn’t get played has nothing to do with Nebraska having a fear of Akron.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t propose the title of “Scott Frost Ducked Akron like he Ducked Michigan in 1997”, because facts mean nothing in light of a good narrative. It was rejected, as proof that OTE is growing! Bummer.


Did Nebraska Chicken Out Against Akron

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