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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 5

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Our weekly tour around the country to see how our “writers” will be enjoying football season

Happy Friday everyone, and welcome back to WWBWWBD, the weekly segment where we all pretend that we aren’t spending the weekend pantsless on our couch while trying to convince the dog to bring us another slice of pizza.

A lot of us are on a bye week, but fortunately that’s not enough to keep us sober, bored, and full of salad, so let’s go around the country and see what the OTE editorial staff is drinking/doing/eating this weekend:

I’ll be coping with Iowa’s bye week by waking up way earlier than I should and heading to Random Row Brewing to watch soccer all morning. My beloved West Ham will be trying to get José Mourinho fired. Beer will be whatever Random Row has on tap, plus a fridge full of pumpkin ales and oktoberfests I have waiting at home.

Dead Read
I will be in lovely Lincoln, but I will be helping with the harvest season during the day games. Given the recent Husker trajectory, I take comfort in the fact that I will be unable to watch the Purdue game in real time.

I’ll be SAILING out of Marina Del Rey. Before that I’ll be volunteering/working at Dino Fest at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Both of which will be far more enjoyable than watching Rutgers getting its ass kicked by Indiana.

I will be home in Northeast Indiana doing yardwork and such before the Boilers take on the Huskers. Should the spirit move me, I’ll break out some variation of Oktoberfest in honor of my work trip to Munich last year.

Andrew Kraszewski (I was too tired to come up with a fake name this week)
Detroit for the weekend once again, and it’s time for the long-awaited pivot to brown ales, so we’ll see if Bell’s or Dark Horse gets my attention first.

Candystripes For Breakfast
I’ll probably sleep through part of the IU game, but during the afternoon, we’ll be taking my mom to an improv comedy show and then dinner for her birthday. So regardless of how the football goes, it should be a good Saturday.

This Saturday I’ll be in Framingham, Massachusetts seeing what my now 21 year old son has cold in the refrigerator. Otherwise, it’ll be Coke Zero while watching the five games.

EVANSTON! Let’s get weird and watch a 40-point shit-stomping, huh? While I saw a number of good friends for the Akron debacle, I’ll be catching up with a couple of my oldest Northwestern friends this weekend, tailgating around town and drinking to numb the pain of the eventual mollywhopping. Beer of choice will likely be some Grain Belt I bring with me from the Motherland, though I’m really partial to the Sketchbook Gose I had a couple weeks ago. So I might nip a little craft beer for the long morning/afternoon of alcohol consumption, too.

I’ll be in Evanston, bringing up some local beer and enjoying the the lovely fall day.

Back home for the big clash between PSU and OSU. I’ll be smoking wings, making pepperoni bread, and having a bunch of ACC and SEC fans over to show them that PUNTING IS WINNING. While I am sure we’ll drink some beer, I expect bourbon to be the drink of choice. You know how these southerners are. I’ll be pouring both Bulleit and Hudson Baby Bourbon. The drinks will be up to them. I’ll have the makings for juleps, old fashioneds, and manhattans on hand.

I’ll be Evanston this weekend, on hand to watch Pat Fitzgerald’s Wildcats try to get their season back on track against the visiting Wolverines. It will be my first trip to Ryan Field. My default when in Chicago is always dinner at Gino’s East … unless anyone has any suggestion closer to campus?

I think I’m going to go to the game. Why? That is a very valid question, but here we are. I may be a glutton for punishment. I may need to seek professional treatment. Maybe I’m determined to find the limits of “we all stick together, in all kinds of weather for Dear Old Nebraska U.” All I know is that I survived the entirety of the OSU debacle last season, so I really can handle anything. I think.

Also, there is no Trader Joe’s in my city of residence, and I miss it because I am Basic AF. So, two birds with one stone, really. If Nebraska winds up losing this one by 40, I’ll probably eat an entire box of whatever seasonal cookie winds up falling into my cart.

Change of plans! An all-weekend, non-stop party of grading and trying to progress on unpacking stuff that’s been in boxes in my house since I moved in July! Ain’t no party like a B-R-T party, because a B-R-T party SUCKS.

Bye week means dog time. throw things to dog. take runs and hikes with dog. road trip with dog to naperville. So many dogtivities. However, founders does not allow dogs on the patio, even dogs that stare longingly at them with big blue eyes. What a tragedy.

It’s bye week, so I’ve got all sorts of dad stuff I plan on doing. What that exactly entails depends on the girls would like to do, but I’m sure it’ll include a trip to a library and the park. I think that means that I’ll probably have to limit my drinking to some Irish Coffee smuggled wherever I go.

It’s also a bye week for Maryland, which means I am too doing Dad things all day Saturday. This most likely involves playing outside, baseball practice, and as the afternoon hits perhaps some drinks with the wife as we watch them play in the yard.

East Lansing. Weather should be good. Baby joining I think? Fantastic stuff. Two-Hearted, per usual, but I’ll also be adding a new favorite to the mix: Journeyman Rye, from Three Oaks, Michigan. A beautiful venue that makes an enjoyable rye.

That’s it for the “writers”, but what about the rest of you? Are you conning a small town into buying a dangerously shoddy monorail so you can start saving up for PJ Fleck’s buyout? Are you hijacking Zuzu’s sailboat so you can crash it into an oil tanker as revenge for that time someone else fired you? Let us know in the comments!