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Sunday Morning Coming Down

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Ohio State v Penn State Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Ten B1G Things

  1. Chase Winovich looks really good if you just decide not to block him.
  2. Northwestern did an amazing job of scripting their early offensive series. Northwestern did an amazing job of squandering the rest of their offensive series
  3. Ryan Field disintegrates faster than a Magic Eraser.
  4. Indiana managed to make Rutgers look like decent, and that may be the elite performance of the weekend (Related: Army beat Buffalo 42-13, which is the same score by which Buffalo beat Rutgers last week. Army is therefore 58 points better than Rutgers, which seems awfully generous to Rutgers)
  5. MSU is now in prime position to go 3-9
  6. With the trouncing by Purdue, Nebraska has now lost a program-record 8 straight games and is the proud owner of the second-longest losing streak in the FBS behind UTEP
  7. Trace McSorley has run for more yards than any PSU quarterback in the modern era
  8. Trace McSorley has now lost a game in Beaver Stadium for the first time as a starter
  9. JK Dobbins is like Physicians Mutual...he’s there when you need him
  10. OSU’s defensive line has gone from fearsome to worrisome thanks to two big games
  11. PSU is now 7-8 in White Out games, and the last three PSU/OSU showdowns have seen the winner erase a two-score deficit in the fourth.
  12. According to SBN’s Bill Connelly, PSU actually underperforms by about 1.8 points
  13. After a comeback 1-point win over PSU, OSU is now in prime position to get ear-holed by a garbage team from the West (phones Kirk Ferentz to check garbage team availability)
  14. The B1G could absolutely be shut out in a playoff game this year...again

The Rundown

Michigan at Northwestern | Michigan surges late to stay blemished 20-17

Northwestern jumped out to an early lead with a 10-point first quarter, eventually stretching their advantage to 17 points in the second. It looked as though the game suddenly might get out of hand for Michigan, who had never come back from a 17-point deficit under Harbaugh. In fact, Harbaugh had never come back from a 17-point deficit as a college coach. Those stats, however, don’t account for Northwestern doing Northwestern things. After their early success, the Wildcats simply sank into the turf of Ryan Field and waited to get run over. The loss of Jeremy Larkin from the team was palpable, with replacement John Moten IV averaging 2.8 ypc. Patterson showed once again that his lethality has been greatly exaggerated, finishing 15/24 for 296 with no scores to show for it.

LPW: The most dangerous time in college football is when you’re ahead, and when you are you damn well better keep your foot on the other team’s fucking neck until the final whistle. Northwestern couldn’t defend a 17-0 lead. At no time earlier this week would I think Northwestern would be leading Michigan, I thought we’d be getting blown out. I was pleasantly surprised to see this game turn into a heavyweight boxing match, but Michigan made the halftime adjustments to stuff the ’Cats and the Wolverines scratched their way back to a win. Ugh. Michigan has won at Ryan Field for the seventh straight time, and it’s getting fucking old. Pass the Malört.c

MNW: Northwestern improved to 3-1 in games decided at halftime.
Your only mistake was believing.

Indiana at Rutgers | Indiana pulls a Baby What Is You Doing? to win 24-17

It’s almost unfathomable that a team would let Rutgers score 17 points period. No team has allowed that to happen yet this season*, and to do so while only scoring 24 points against a defense that couldn’t decipher Buffalo is...well, vintage Indiana when you really get down to it. Peyton Ramsey complete 27/40, which is probably pretty average against Rutgers but someone only notched one TD. Stranger still was that Stevie Scott carried 18 times and managed a paltry 58 yards (reminder, again, that he was facing Rutgers). Artur Sitkowski, Rutgers’ Alphabet-soup-of-the-week QB, was 18/35 and a TD as well. If this was football, we should want no part of it.

Perhaps the most interest part of this entire game is the ESPN copy writer who decided that Stevie Scott’s names are in the wrong order.

Scottie Stevens tallied on a 16-yard run on Indiana’s first possession and Logan Justicekicked a 44-yard field goal on their last possession of the half as the Hoosiers built a 24-7 lead. -ESPN

*Texas State is a CIA shell entity

Candystripes: I only heard a little bit of IU’s game this week, but we won, so that’s nice. The running game appears to not be having a good time, which is less nice, and our offense seems to have a terrible habit of doing absolutely nothing in the second half, which is absolutely unacceptable, but didn’t lose, so yay I guess?

Purdue at Nebraska | Purdue steamrolls Nebraska 42-28

The Boilers won by two TDs and it wasn’t even that close. Purdue chugged into Lincoln and beat the brakes off a Husker team whose fire has gone out. The Huskers tried to get a head of steam with a 7-0 lead, but D.J. Knox Jr scythed through the 11 men pretending to be a defense for a 42-yd TD run. It was off to the races after that, with Purdue’s freight-train offense barreling down the field drive after drive. The Boilers eventually amassed a three score lead, and poured on the coal to rack up 42 points. Despite career days by Ozigbo (170 yards) and 582 yards of offense, Nebraska couldn’t on track. The Purdue attack derailed the Husker game plan and delivered a train-load of tortured railroad metaphors. Thank you for listening to my TED talk.

BRT: I mean... I don’t know. Red ‘til I’m dead and all, but wow, this team is hard to watch, although the second half showed some potential. Any time they do something good, they undo it with something stupid. I don’t think they aren’t playing hard, but they are playing very dumb. I will obviously hang around this season, but there will probably be a lot of multitasking during games until this team makes it worth my while to really pay attention. Today, I got some shelves installed in my bathroom, so at least there was one win.

It was fun to not start off down 14-0, 17-0, or 1000-0 though, so that was nice.

Also, Nebraska must have the worst special teams in the country. Do they practice to the Benny Hill theme or something? The badness in this area is simply breathtaking.

So, we will see. With cleaner play, they could scoop up 2-3 wins on the rest of the schedule. But if they keep shooting themselves in the foot that much, they can, and probably will, lose to anyone (yes Thump, even to Illinois!)

Boilerman31: Purdue’s offense continues to pour it on. David Blough threw for 328 yards. DJ Knox became a human bowling ball rumbling for 87 yards and two scores. And Rondale Moore caught 8 for 85 and didn’t even lead the team in receiving yards. That went to tight end Byrcen Hopkins who had 103. The offense was electric which was good because the defense give up chunks of yards at a time. Fortunately, they made just enough stops and were helped by a bevy of Nebraska penalties to get the win.

Time for a bye week to prep for a trip to Cham-bana.

CMU at Michigan State | Why yes, MSU is still playing and winning non-con games 31-20 in week 5.

Michigan State led this game 31-3 in the fourth quarter after trailing 3-0 in the first. Then the trickeration started. CMU scored a touchdown, snagged an onside kick, and kicked a field goal to cut the deficit to 31-13. Still fine. Then the Chippewas resorted to some razzle-dazzle, with a 29-yard halfback pass trick play TD to make it 31-20. Was MSU in danger of losing? Not really. Are they in danger of getting trucked in the East? Absolutely.

Apple Kjackowski: Well, that sure was a game. Stop me if you’ve heard this before: MSU starts slow, hits their stride, voluntarily pulls up on both offense and defense with a helluva lot of time left on the clock, and lets an opponent back into a game. There’s a lot of injuries on the offense right now but it’s hard to imagine beating anyone left on the schedule other than Rutgers if this is what we are going forward.

Ohio State at Penn State | OSU wins one for the ages 27-26

I’ll admit, I gave up. Ohio State was getting blasted off the ball, Haskins looked “shook” as the kids say, and PSU was a few dumb mistakes away from a 24-7 lead. Thank god for children. Cradling an infant in the dark, your humble writer turned to ESPN Gamecast—the single worst way to take in a game short of hearing about it years later from a new arrival at your Siberian prison camp. Ohio State was simply the better team. They didn’t play better, but they kept their composure and made spectacular plays when it counted. Terry McLaurin—who did not score a point—arguably had the greatest unheralded play of the game with his block that sprung K.J. Hill for the game-winning score. I now know what it must have been like to face JT Barrett. McSorley ran for 175 yards, and even though OSU knew he was going to scramble, he could get 5 yards reliably. PSU gets a ton of credit for an amazing game plan and going hard up front to disrupt a young QB—a plan that worked for most of the game. A few key adjustments by Ryan Day to punish Penn State’s aggressiveness made all the difference, with J.K. Dobbins taking a screen pass from the OSU 4 to the OSU 40 to dig the Buckeyes out of a hole. There’s no worse place for a night game than Beaver Stadium, and in true B1G tradition this high-powered offensive showdown became a defensive battle. The East is going to be an arms race for the coming years. Is Michigan still playing football?

Additional thoughts:

This is the second time this season OSU had been dominating offensively, imposing their will on the defense, and totally scuttled their own momentum with a stupid use of the wildcat. The wildcat is dead. Bury it. Never speak of it again.

Chase Young is a beast, and his big hands will haunt McSorley’s dreams.

Haskins got beat up and shaken, but made the throws that needed to be made to win a huge game in a massively hostile artmosphere. He would’ve likely been less rattled if the receivers hadn’t dropped everything in the first quarter. The rest is window dressing for the box score.

Hamler is Ted Ginn Fast™.

Targeting is still a trash penalty.

James Franklin would like his Penn State fans to know that they’re lucky his boys are holding him back...

87townie: Well, that went better than I thought it would. McSorley is clearly the best quarterback in the Big Ten. Haskins has a better supporting cast. Under pressure, he can’t make the throws. He can’t run. Where he got huge help from his team mates, McSorley struggled to get his receivers to hold on to the ball. This Penn State team is close, but its still too young. I hate this fucking loss like fire. OSU sucks.

Aaron Yorke: Brutal, brutal loss. Maybe even more brutal than last year’s. Yeah, it’s way worse because it was at home and because Penn State’s defense looked very, very good for most of the game. Then, with eight minutes left and a 12 point lead, the unit turned into a bunch of buffoons tripping over themselves while trying to arm-tackle Ohio State wide receivers. The silver lining was Ohio State scoring too quickly on its final drive and leaving two minutes and three timeout for Trace McSorley to work his magic. It might have worked out for the Lions, but then James Franklin -- after burning through two timeouts in a row -- called for a run on 4th-and-5 from the OSU 43-yard line. I’ll have to watch the tape when I’m done being furious. Maybe it was an RPO, but even if it was, taking the ball out of Miles Sanders’ stomach should have been an automatic read. There’s no excuse for that play to be anything but Mac dropping back and either running or throwing to set up the game-deciding field goal. He’d only been carrying the offense for the whole game.

Coming Attractions