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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 2

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Our weekly tour around the country to see how our “writers” will be enjoying football season

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to officially welcome you to week 2. Nebraska is rekindling an old rivalry between a pair of Big 12 refugees, Northwestern has officially played their annual Nerd Bowl one too many times and now we’re all bored with the spectacle, and Penn State will get into another slapfight with Akron. Oh, and don’t forget to turn your television’s V-chip off so you can watch ¡El Assico!

Creighton: I plan on heading to either Random Row brewing in Charlottesville or Pro Re Nata in Crozet to watch games, but I’ll be home in time for ¡El Assico! where I’ll finally be cracking open a bottle of Flying Monkeys Chocolate Manifesto I got from Thumpasaurus in a trade. I’ve been saving it for a special occasion, and this game usually meets certain definitions of “special”.

BigRedTwice: I think I’ve convinced myself that it’s worth dragging my butt to Lincoln for this one. I think there’s a really good chance Nebraska loses... but if they win, it’s going to be a super fun time, and I’ll be happy I went. I’ll be drinking an overpriced bottle of water in the stadium, in that case. Woohoo!

Dead Read: I will be in lovely downtown Lincoln, luxuriating in a leather chair. Lots of football watching accompanied by virtually no physical movement.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: I will be spending another evening at HISTORIC TCF BANK STADIUM! watching the Gophers take on Fresno State. The last time I saw a Jeff Tedford-coached team play in the stadium I got to see Eric Decker get knocked the fuck out right in front of me. Hopefully everything about this game is different. I don’t want to watch us lose again, and Decker is old and retired and doesn’t need to get knocked out again. But I’ll either celebrate or mourn the outcome the same way I’ll prepare: with a crisp Grain Belt Nordeast.

Zuzu: I will be in Santa Monica again with the Rutgers Club of Southern California. It won’t be college football for breakfast again which is good, so I’ll probably be drinking... not a Mimosa, but I freaking turned down SAILING with a new friend to watch Rutgers get annihilated by Ohio State... Oh God what have I done?

Krombopulos Andrew: Chilling at home, dogsitting for the lady friend’s family while they’re on vacation, luxuriating in an ocean of doggos and trying to stay up for a 10:45 EST kickoff. In that spirit, Bell’s Arabicadabra sounds like a winner.

Thumpasaurus: I will be in the dusty ruins of Memorial Stadium. These empty rows once echoed with I-L-L; these empty concourses once reverberated with the sound of I-N-I. I’ll be drinking at a beer fest in Decatur before this prime time game.

Stewmonkey: I’ll be in lovely Iowa City taking in the sights, sounds, food, and drink of El Assico. It’s a super weird kickoff time of 4 pm, GTZ. Not really enough time to bring the smoker, but a really long tailgate, nonetheless.

LincolnParkWildcat: I’ll be at home in Chicago. I don’t know if I’ll be awake for half the morning games after taking a red eye back from the west coast , but I’ll be drinking some local brews at home.

DJ: I’ll be home, drinking whatever is in the fridge while I stare at my iPad to watch Maryland take on Bowling Green on ESPN+, ugh. The plus side here is if it’s not disgusting out I can just take it outside and day drink while running the smoker (ribs, chicken quarters)

Boilerman: I'll be home for this one. Watching on the couch and hoping my kids are either out shopping with my wife or willing to play in the basement. Worst case, I’ll throw on some Paw Patrol using the picture-in-picture feature and watch Purdue steamroll some Eagles. If I’m lucky enough to be by myself, some Two-Hearted Ale shall be enjoyed. If I’m trying to ignore the fact that a municipality has a teenager and some puppies as its main structure for protection and civil services, probably just some water.

MNWildcat: Sioux Falls, oddly enough, for a panel on South Dakota history. Just water and coffee (which hurts even more because I’m gonna need to be drunk as I stream Northwestern-Duke on my phone), as I’ve got to drive back to the Twin Cities later that evening.

OK, maybe a beer with lunch. It’ll be a Fernson Curio Tart Ale to match my mood.

Nate: I’ll be in Michigan City, IN probably consuming Shoreline beers.

Candysripes For Breakfast: On the surprising revelation that Indiana has a night game for the second week in a row, I will actually be at home to watch the game instead of at work, where I assumed I would be for what I had expected to be a noon kickoff. Whether this is actually a good thing, I don’t know, but hey, Vanilla Coke and FOOTBAW for everybody!

Townie: I’m surfing this weekend. Big swell hits friday, can’t wait! I’m also drinking some Rolling Rock to celebrate the right to be Pennsyltucky Champs after we kick the Pittsburgh Panthers’ collective asses...again.

Beezer: I’ll be here in Greensboro with my new favorite generic label version of my favorite pumpkin beer.

That’s it for us, what about you guys? Are you trying to beat Wade Boggs’ drinking record at your friend’s tailgate? Are you looking for Zuzu’s bike in the basement of the Alamo? Let us know in the comments!