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Outback Bowl Preview

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An existential crises.

Lousy beatniks

The Iowa Hawkeyes American College football team will be playing in the Outback Bowl for the 6th time in the last 15 years. This is preposterous. This time, Iowa’s SEC foe will be the Mississippi St. Bulldogs from Starkvegas. Both Iowa and Mississippi State have very good defenses, while fielding offenses that can be generously called mediocre (ok, Mississippi State’s offense is a touch better than mediocre). Ahh, so this’ll be a low scoring, punt off, right? Sure, low scoring should probably be assumed. Vegas pegs this game as the second lowest scoring bowl game, as the only bowl with a lower over/under was the, now infamous, Cheez-Its Bowl. But punt filled? That’s a bit of a different question, as both of these teams rank some of the lowest punt totals in the country; Iowa is tied for 19th in fewest punts at 48, while CLANGA is just behind with 51 total punts on the season. It is with this knowledge that I present to you this beat poem:

Points or Punts?

How does one win a football game?



What is the most important play in a game?



Passes to Tight Ends down the seam


Outside Zone to the boundary side


What is it about this game?