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The 2018 Bowl Season Was Bizarre And Mildly Ass: Obligatory CFP National Championship Reference (Podcast 1/10/19)

Team Old Bowl System wins this round

NCAA Football: Redbox Bowl-Michigan State vs Oregon
what is even happening
Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

In this edition of Off Talkle Empire, Andrew’s dog is sad because football season is over. My dog is an Illinois fan and has been done with football for months, and therefore is not as sad.

Right up front we make yet another point in favor of Team Old Bowl System during a brief obligatory recap of the CFP National Championship Game which deals less with the game and more with how much it just didn’t seem like a Big Deal this year.

Then we walk you through some bowl games. Some were bad. Some were also bad. A few were dece. We’ll see you at signing day.

Squeak squeak.

Minnesota fans all need to listen to the first 30 seconds.