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Big Ten Basketball Stock Report: Maybe Maryland’s Back?

It’s not pretty at the bottom, but Nebraska and Maryland are quietly moving up in our estimation.

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Well, hello there! Welcome to the B1G Shootyhoops Stock Report, the place where I breakdown the week that was against my ever fair and just expectations.

To be completely honest, I’m writing this at the wrong time. Rutgers and Purdue are battling, so Tuesday’s results aren’t included. Here’s hoping the chalk holds. [It did.]

Let’s dive in.


Michigan Wolverines – Honestly, I’m running out of ways to judge the Wolverines. So I guess in honor of my upcoming trip to Vegas, I’ll go with this. You beat the spread at Illinois and against Northwestern. Make me some money and I’ll keep buying.

Michigan State Spartans – Let’s see, you handled Purdue at home and followed it up by going to Penn State and kept them at arm’s length. Your coach doesn’t seem pleased at the last effort.

”Maybe we’re all talking too much about how good we are,” Izzo said. “We’re not that good.”

Perhaps, coach, but for now, you’re still undefeated in B1G play. So here you’ll stay. (Here’s hoping Langford’s injury is a short one.)

Maryland Terrapins Maryland is one of those teams that I’m glad Purdue doesn’t have to play again for a few more weeks. After nearly getting BTFO in the first half at Indiana, the Terps roared back to get the win. Then, they held Wisconsin to 15 first-half points before Turgeon did some questionable substituting (not surprised) and held on for the win. A couple of good tests are upcoming. Let’s see if the Terps can maintain their winning ways.

Iowa Hawkeyes – I hope this one drums up some discussion. I’m not entirely sold on the Hawkeyes. However, since losing to Purdue, they ran away from Nebraska, took care of business against Northwestern, and knocked off another member of the B1G meat grinder middle in Ohio State. With Luke Garza back in the mix, the Hawkeyes have a chance to build a nice win streak before Sparty comes calling.

Nebraska Cornhuskers – Ahh, Nebraska. I called you out for losing some close games and you’ve responded. The win against Penn State wasn’t pretty but it avoided the bad loss. I’ll admit, I had zero expectations for you against Indiana. But you did it, you walked into Assembly Hall and took the Hoosiers lunchmoney. Well played.


Minnesota Golden Gophers – I want to believe Gopher fans. I really do. But Maryland crushed you in The Barn. A comfortable win over Rutgers keeps you off the Sell list for now, but I’m worried.

Purdue Boilermakers – I’m struggling what to do with my Boilermakers. The win in Madison does count for something, but the lack of consistency outside of Mackey Arena is maddening. You did show well for a while against Sparty, but I’m concerned about depth and getting good minutes out of the bench night in and night out.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights – Damnit, you won a game. Don’t let it go to your head. You’re still not a buy. Penny stocks are not an investment.


Indiana Hoosiers – If it’s not injuries, it’s inconsistent play. The schedule did you no favor going to Michigan and Maryland, but that Nebraska game. Woof. One of my buddies stated simply, “That’s the kind of game that gets you fired down there.”

Wisconsin Badgers – You okay over there, Badgers?

Northwestern Wildcats – Hey! Spring practice starts in a couple of months, right?

Penn State Nittany Lions – Congrats, you’re not as bad as Illinois.

Illinois Fighting Illini – Congrats, you’re officially worse than Rutgers.

Ohio State Buckeyes – You’re here for one reason alone. You lost to Rutgers (and maybe that three game losing streak).