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Mailbag Request - Frozen Writer Edition

Even when it’s a tisch chilly, we’re here for you.

Angry local man continues to be angry.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Friends, how’s everyone doing? As I continue to bang away at year-end financial reporting duties like I was a Purdue big at Mackey whose unafraid of ever having a foul called on me, I realized that it’s been a while since I dropped a mailbag request. So as you watch Iowa-Minnesota (or Ohio State-Michigan gymnastics on BTN) or pretend to start working on Monday Morning, please feel free to ask us stuff to answer later in the week. Like if Greg Gard will open his own State Farm agency or coach high school basketball in a couple years, or if more heavyweights should copy Sam Stoll’s approach of pretending to be injured to avoid getting beaten by Gable Steveson, or why B1G hockey is goofy as hell.

Ask away, and we’ll take a crack at the best of them later in the week. Thanks and please remember to not start a fire in your basement to stay warm unless it’s in a fireplace.