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Florida State Wants Ohio State to Stop Rightfully Claiming the Buckeyes are DBU

Actually I don’t know if the Buckeyes do, but they should...

Netflix’s ‘Coach Snoop: Season 1’, Special Screening Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for Netflix

Apparently Florida State twitter is upset that other schools have the audacity of claiming themselves “Defensive Back U”

I generally think these types are arguments are stupid, unless of course my favorite school could lay claim. I am not sure if Ohio State officially calls themselves defensive backs U, as campus was closed today because of the cold. (Or at least that is my excuse for not looking any further into this, not even a google search).

First, we have to decide what constitutes what makes a position U. My post, my rules. I believe college is there to get a student ready for their career and thus any position U would be the best at turning out NFL players, not prospects, though I guess that counts a little. I don’t care if 20 guys went to the NFL if 19 of them sucked.

For this particular comparison, I decided to go all the way back to the 1990 draft and pull up defensive backs from each school. I will then do a side to side comparison and be the ultimate judge and jury. I am sure the comments section will be really quiet about this.

First year of the decade had one player drafted from either school, Vinnie Clark. Maybe I should have started this another season. Clark was known as “Toast” by my friends, because although he was fast and great at times, he would give up big plays. He did play 7 years in the league and grab 13 interceptions.

On the decade, the Seminoles started with Dedrick Dodge, Florida State’s first draft pick of the decade managed no stats. In 1992, Terrelle Buckley was drafted 5th overall out of Florida State, and snagged 50 interceptions, but managed 0 pro bowls. I will give Florida State credit for him. Samari Rolle had an equally impressive career. Both pretty good. Overall, 7 Seminoles were drafted in the 90s.

The Buckeyes, while their start was not great, had 10 defensive backs drafted in the 90s. Shawn Springs was the cream of that crop in college, and had an injury plagued NFL career with 33 interceptions, a pro bowl in 98 and an all pro season in 2004. Antoine Winfield is probably my favorite Buckeye ever. The slight corner back managed three pro bowls, but also accumulated over 1000 tackles on his career.

Slight edge, Buckeyes

The first decade of the 21st century saw 16 Buckeyes drafted, compared to just 9 Seminoles. Antonio Comaratie and Chris Hope were the cream of the crop for the Seminoles. Nate Clements, Chris Gamble, and Donte Whitner for the Buckeyes.

Again, edge Buckeyes.

The 2010s are yet to be decided, but both schools are off to a fantastic start. Both schools have multiple pro-bowlers, though the Buckeyes have an edge in picks yet again.

I guess we need to look to the past. Of course Florida State has Deion Sanders. Ohio State has nearly an equally famous defensive back, named Jack Tatum. One was a great cover back, the other was tough. We’ll just leave it at that. However, the 80s also saw great OSU backs like William White, Sean Gayle, and Todd Bell from Columbus.

I get that Florida State is proud of their heritage at defensive back. But they are just going to pretend that no other school, like the Buckeyes have no claim? Hard Pass. I have to give this one to the Buckeyes. I honestly thought it was going to be closer than it was, but to me, the Buckeyes have a clear edge.

Also, if any Florida State fan found this post, Rod Woodson might not have been the greatest corner back of all time, it’s close, but he is certainly the greatest defensive back of all time.