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Farewell Football: The Mailbag Request

Today is the last day of football. Ask us about things.

At least wisconsin fans got to see one future NBA player in kohl center last week.
Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

It’s here. The day some of us dread quite a bit: The last day of football season. Sure, there’s still a small spattering of recruiting to be completed, and spring practice (and Goldy’s Run, which benefits the University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital) is right around the corner. But today is the last day of football until probably August 24th, when some semi-interesting teams kick off a week before almost all of the rest of us do. So tonight is the last chance to savor and enjoy the wonderfulness that is football. Even if it does have Nick Saban involved, it’s better than nothing. And we can appreciate just how good Tua and Clemson’s pretty little ginger unicorn are. Or we could try the knockoff methadone that is the *NFL. It’s almost football.

But hey! The upside is that winter sports are in full swing and are now entering conference play! We get to see such wonderful things as future National Basketball League MVP Ethan Happ shoot free throws at a rate that would make a middle school kid blush and a grandparent swear, and Penn State’s impending troika of National Champions (157, 165, and 194. Don’t even bother trying to pick somebody else. It’s done) rack up 18 team points a day against wrestlers who worked harder already this morning than any of us will all week. And in hockey we all get to cheer against Notre Dame. ALL OF US! See? Winter sports can be fun.

So friends, please ask us stuff, because winter’s here and it’s tough to entertain ourselves watching snow tumbleweeds.

*Offer not valid in Chicago.