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Imagine Dragons Concert: Tonight! (Also Lil’ Wayne. Also the National Championship Game, I Guess)

In which the halftime entertainment is arguably more compelling than Alabama-Clemson.

The Origins Experience With Imagine Dragons In Las Vegas
Featuring Nick Saban on bass.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Tonight there is an Imagine Dragons/Lil’ Wayne concert being held in relatively close proximity to the final game of the college football season. I remember when Lil’ Wayne first blew up about ten years ago. “Lollipop” was a big hit, but I guess I’d only heard the radio version of it. I went to China that summer, and in a nightclub in Xi’an, I heard the unedited version, and wow, was it a revelation. Ah, poor innocent 2008 BRT. It was a different, better time.


In what seems to be a “Natural” close to the season, that game features a matchup between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Clemson Tigers, as it was foretold long ago, fated in the stars, and as it has been for three of the last four National Championships. Yawn.

Still, if you are a hardcore “Believer” in college football, you’ll probably do “Whatever It Takes” to see one more game, so if that’s you, here are the details:

Who: Alabama and Clemson/not Notre Dame/no Big Ten teams

Where: watch it on ESPN

When: 8 pm Eastern/7 pm God’s Time

I’d be a “Bad Liar” if I told you this game interested me in any amount, and “I’m So Sorry” that the upper echelon of college football has turned out to be so damn boring. But if you’re “A Sucker for Pain” and wish to see if you can spot the “Demons” flocking around Nick Saban, who has surely sold his soul to secure a permanent place “On Top of the World,” then far be it from me to stop you! Feel free to watch this game, listen to the announcers tell Saban that they were “Born to be Yours” ad nauseam, and hash it out with others in this open thread. If not, the season premiere of The Bachelor is also tonight at the same time, so lots of good choices for your Monday.

Remember, no assholery, illegal streams, or Lil’ Wayne lyrics.