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2019 National Championship Odds: Bet Big Money on the Big Ten

Actually, you probably shouldn’t.

NCAA Football: College Football Playoff-Head Coaches Press Conference Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

As we’re all aware, the 2018 College Football season came to a close with Clemson rolling the Tide, 44-16, in the College Football Playoff National Championship game. Leaving a giant gaping hole in our souls until August roles around, what are we to do? Well, luckily speculation for next season started immediately following the game. We’ve got future bets already lined up!

Initial reactions

  • Giving anyone other Clemson or Bama better than 20:1 odds seems mean, even if they are mostly public teams. Vegas gonna get some of that sweet, stupid fan, money. Any team that even gets to the playoffs is almost certainly going to have to beat at least one of, but probably both, ‘Bama and Clemson.
  • ‘Bama somehow a bit overrated
  • Clemson somehow a bit underrated.
  • Ohio State? Really? This seems, simultaneously, like a good bet, and also throwing your money away. A new, completely unproven coach, with new coordinators, and a new QB. However, if Justin Fields gets his eligibility and Ryan Day lives up to the hype, this could be a decent investment.
  • UGA and Michigan with the same odds?!?! UGA seems really low, as they’re all but guaranteed to be the East representative in the SEC Championship game, and in a one game scenario could sneak in. But it almost seems like choking away the SEC championship this season may have broken that team.
  • Meanwhile, what the hell are they thinking with Michigan? They lost a TON. But I guess if you think they’re the best bet from the B1G, with OSU potentially falling back and PSU in a reloading year, then maybe, but no way in hell at those odds.
  • Oklahoma gets a token node, but losing who knows after losing Kyler Murray.
  • UNL...
  • Fuck Notre Dame
  • Florida is a bit of a public team, but they’d have to beat UGA and Bama just to make it to the playoffs. Seems almost like the 25:1 odds to do just that. This is a bad bet.
  • Washington and Oregon....well, I guess someone has to win the PAC12. But, uh, there’s a good chance that team still ain’t making the playoffs.
  • Betting on anyone other than Clemson or Bama seems like throwing your money away. Eat at Arby’s.