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Stew’s Accurate Rating System: Week 5


NCAA Football: Ohio State at Nebraska
Not sure what happened, and hope he’s ok, but that UNL defender just lying there seems a bit metaphoric.
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Ratings and Rankings:

B1G Thoughts:

  • Ohio State Buckeyes are good.
  • Turns out blowing another team out 59-0 will help your rating. Good jorb, Penn State
  • Turns out struggling against a shitty team will hurt your rating. Fuck wisconsin.
  • Michigan State is good, despite the complaining coming from their insufferable fans.
  • Iowa has been fairly impressive against a less than impressive schedule. We’ll see how they fair against Michigan.
  • Maryland unsurprisingly dropped after getting BTFO.
  • That loss was both painful and encouraging for Indiana.
  • Moving down 11 spots isn’t great, but if you compare the rating, the huge loss wasn’t as detrimental as one might think for UNL.
  • Ok, Minnesota, now you’re officially the worst undefeated team in the country.
  • Illinois didn’t play. And still lost.
  • jNW might be starting their move up. They’re still not good.
  • Purdue is really bad. Like, really, really bad.
  • rutger

Other Thoughts:

  • Auburn is really damn good. It’s almost like Malzahn is a good coach. It’s gonna be funny watching him be successful at, let’s say FSU when the Barners march him out of town for not somehow losing a game.
  • I know Cal is fine with where they are, but damn, Sonny Dykes is killing it at SMU.
  • Missouri got beat pretty badly against Wyoming, but have been killing it since. Might make the SEC East interesting.
  • I hope a number of you caught the Akron Zips vs. UMass slugfest last week. It was a battle of the two worst teams in the country, and that just doesn’t happen very often.


As we’ve moved on the movement is going to be less and less. Gone are the days of moving 50+ spots in a single week.

  • Cal’s loss to Herm’s Sun Devils moved them back to the mushy middle.
  • Kentucky aren’t nearly as bad as their record. They’re gonna beat some SEC teams.
  • Virginia Tech is bad. Really bad. Fuente is gonna get got. Maybe not this year, but still, this has been BAAAAAAD.

Conference Ratings and Rankings:

Oh, hey, here are some conference rankings, if you’re curious.