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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 7

“I need something a little stronger to make the pain go away“

Happy Friday, and welcome to week 7 everyone! Where We Be, What We Be Drinking is a weekly tour around the country to see what the OTE staff is drinking and where they’ll be passing out on game day. Let’s get to it:


I’m going to try and make my way to a bar to watch the game tomorrow night, but right now it’s way more likely that I’ll be at home fending for myself. If that’s the case I found a bunch of beers Thumpasaurus sent me that I forgot about after I moved, as well as a few bottles of Pumpking.

Andrew K

I will be in Madison, likely watching MSU’s last ember of hope for a special season snuffed out beneath the butts of the Badger offensive line. But that’s fine, because the road there is going to take my friends and I to Three Floyds and New Glarus.


I’ll be at home, and oddly enough Northwestern has another bye week before getting humiliated by OSU. I’ll sporadically watch some football as I’m doing some final prep for my upcoming wedding and honeymoon


I should get to watch the first half of the Maryland versus the Corpse of Purdue game before speeding off to the brewery. I picked up a sixer of Duclaw’s DIPA on sale, so I may drink one of those, anymore and I risk falling asleep behind bar, which needless to say is a bad look.

Ray Ransom

Camp has made Rutgers football infinitely more watcheable, even if the results haven’t been much different. I will be turning in for the latest episode of As the Scarlet Knights Turn with a Sierra Nevada IPA at the homestead in North Jersey because I bought a bunch and they’re delicious and I need something a little stronger to make the pain go away.


I’m home in NoFla. It’s littlest Townie’s opening day of softball. So I’ll be at the field in the morning, then home for the game. It’s going to be a “crisp” fall day. Low around 65, high around 85. By game time, we’ll be making pepperoni bread and drinking Bell’s Lager in honor of the fall weather.


The first of two consecutive night games will see me sitting by myself, groggy and sipping coffee.


I’ll be home. My wife is hosting friends Saturday night so I’ll likely be helping clean the house. Miller Lite will be consumed during the day. Will probably break out some whiskey in the evening.

Candystripes For Breakfast

I’ll be at home for most of IU-Rutgers, so I’ll actually get to watch some of it before I go to work. Probably going to be drinking some orange juice, as I’m still trying to shake off a nagging cold.


I’ll be home as well. I’m not really sure what’s on tap for Saturday this week but the next three weeks present MDs path to a bowl so I’ll be watching intently, drinking something light before I know if I need to drown away the game

Dead Read

Lovely downtown Lincoln. I will enjoy the day until the second halves start in the afternoon games, then the dread will start building. yaaaaay


It’s my nephew’s birthday party, so I’m guessing the game will be on, but not strictly attended to. I suspect that will be ok. As for drinking, I guess we’ll see what goodies my brother has in his beer fridge. :)


New Ulm, Minnesota! It’s Oktoberfest at the August Schell Brewery, and I will be there when the gates open for lots of Märzen-related fun.


Where I SHOULD be is in New York City supporting The Football Team That Loves Me Back And Never Lets Me Down (TFTTLMBANLMD, also known as Detroit City FC) as they take on serial-killer-of-leagues New York Cosmos for what is essentially the championship match for the Members Cup. Where I’ll be instead is somewhere in southeast michigan where there are no tv’s and spotty-to-zero cell coverage. I don’t know what i’ll be drinking, but a hefeweizen was brewed on wednesday night and is fermenting right now and should be ready in time for me to bring the whole batch to champaign for homecoming next week! As it’s come to light that New York Cosmos was instrumental in causing NPSL Pro to fail, northern guard’s traditional “fuck ohio” chant has been replaced with “fuck the cosmos” for the duration of this fall season.


Just like with last week’s game against Kent State, I expect this week’s Wisconsin game to be in the bag for the good guys early, freeing me up to do things like play with my new tree branch saw things that’s on a 14’ pole and mow my lawn one last time. But really, I picked MSU to win, which means I’ll need at least 3 beers to get me through my Saturday. I’m thinking something Fall-ish like Oktoberfest. It’s technically mid-October, but it’s still way too warm to go full on pumpkin beers.

Brian Gillis

Michigan is in Champaign this weekend, but I’m sitting this one out. Instead, I’ll be staying in sunny Redondo Beach, tuned into ABC. I’m also interested to see how the Wisconsin/Michigan State and Iowa/Penn State games play out.

White Speed Receiver

I will be at Historic TCF Bank Stadium trying to avoid hypothermia and, much worse, a loss to Nebraska. I plan on drinking coffee and hot chocolate and smuggling in some schnapps to add an extra layer of warmth for a game that’s supposed to be around freezing and currently has a 30% chance of snow.


I’ll be at incredible, lovely, beautiful, legendary, historic Kinnick Stadium. It’s a night game, so the smoker will be going. I’m debating between tri-tip and beef ribs. We’re also going to be doing a crab boil. It’s going to be cold, so we’ll likely have tentatron set up with a couple of propane heaters.


I'll be in Brisbane, Australia. Last day of my conference, getting very drunk, but not because of football. To enjoy this workcation it is imperative that I DON'T think about Rutgers Football, so.

That’s it for your “writers”, now what are the rest of you doing for game day? Are you plotting a nacho heist because your team is away for the weekend? Are you a Medill grad forcing your butler to get a tattoo so people think he’s actually just your friend? Head down to the comments and let us know!