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Big Ten Week 7 Bowl Projections: 3 B1G to NY6?

Bump everyone up a slot and see where the chips fall? Just kidding, there are probably still two SEC teams in the Playoff.

Rose Bowl Game presented by Vizio - Wisconsin v Oregon

The Revenge of Jerry Kill: NO CITRUS BOWL FOR YOU, MINNESOTA. Rules are rules.

College Football Playoff

Peach Bowl: Atlanta, GA

December 28 | 7pm | ESPN

[1] Alabama Crimson Tide vs. [4] Oklahoma Sooners

Fiesta Bowl: Glendale, AZ

December 28 | 3pm | ESPN

[2] Clemson Tigers vs. [3] Ohio State Buckeyes

New Year’s Six

Cotton Bowl: Arlington, TX

December 28 | 11am | ESPN

Notre Dame (At-Large) vs. Boise State Broncos (G5)

Orange Bowl: Miami, FL

December 30 | 7pm | ESPN

Virginia Cavaliers (ACC) vs. Penn State Nittany Lions (B1G or SEC)

Rose Bowl: Pasadena, CA

January 1 | 4pm | FOX

wisconsin badgers (B1G) vs. Oregon Ducks (Pac-12)

Sugar Bowl: New Orleans, LA

January 1 | 7:45pm | ESPN

Texas Longhorns (Big XII) vs. LSU Tigers (SEC)

Big Ten Bowl Games

Quick Lane Bowl: Detroit, MI

December 26 | 7pm | ESPN

Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Duke Blue Devils

Pinstripe Bowl: New York, NY

December 27 | 2:20pm | ESPN

Michigan State Spartans vs. Louisville Cardinals

Holiday Bowl: San Diego, CA

December 27 | 7pm | FS1

Michigan Wolverines vs. Washington Huskies

Citrus Bowl: Orlando, FL

January 1 | 12pm | ABC

Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Georgia Bulldogs

Outback Bowl: Tampa, FL

January 1 | 12pm | ESPN

Minnesota Golden Gophers vs. Florida Gators

Gator Bowl: Jacksonville, FL

January 2 | 6pm | ESPN

Indiana Hoosiers vs. Auburn Tigers

Armed Forces Bowl: Fort Worth, TX

January 4 | 10:30am | ESPN

Utah State Aggies vs. Army Black Knights*

Full Bowl Projections

B1G Thoughts

  • Once again, Ohio State wins the Big Ten. Please, guys—not in the face this Friday.
  • If wisconsin finishes the season 11-2, with just two losses to Ohio State, it’ll be a last-day kind of thing to see if they beat the Nittany Lions out for the Rose Bowl.
  • My apologies to the seven Penn State fans I wronged last week for forgetting to double-check the Citrus Bowl rules and putting them in those serious slots. Your money back is in the mail. For that, you go 11-1 with a loss to Ohio State—but out of the goodness of my heart, I keep you in the New Year’s Six over a third SEC team.
  • If I’m gonna play by the Citrus Bowl selection rules, that means Minnesota can’t go. I dub this “the Revenge of Jerry Kill.” Congrats, Iowa, you are the Citrus Bowl’s sloppy seconds. Enjoy Georgia.
  • For the same reason: Michigan State gets Pinstripey, because I don’t think Indiana technically can.
  • I’m so sorry, Indiana. I am sooooo sorry. That’s two Hoosier State teams in two years for Auburn, and I don’t think it’s going to be any prettier this time around.
  • Nebraska, I am not sorry. That spot should be 5-7 Northwestern’s.

Random Observations

  • Charlotte. North Carolina. Coastal Carolina. Maybe South Carolina. It is only fair that Appalachian State get a crack at N.C. State. LET’S GET BELK, Y’ALL.
  • I’ve shoehorned a lot of fun G5 narratives into this one—Southern Miss getting another shot in Shreveport, SMU filling the Big Ten spot in Santa Clara that none of the lower tier teams (Nebraska, Indiana, Michigan State) are technically up for in this go-round, UAB getting a crack at Cincinnati in Birmingham—but it makes this a lot more interesting for me.
  • There is one ranked team in the ACC, and it is Clemson. So if you look at Miami Fluoride in the Music City Bowl and coat your screen with rage because the calculus of the ACC Coastlantic Division means it’s totally Florida State in that spot...find something better to do with your life.