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B1G Butt Trophy Update: LOL Buttgers

I know we were all hoping Coach Camp could make a difference, but... well...

The Buttgers Scarlet Knighty Whities are STILL the holders of the Chris Ass Memorial B1G Butt Trophy. Buttgers is riding a brown streak of 9 Buttfenses, and counting. Chris Ash himself could not match the ineptitude of the 78-82 NorthAsstern WildButts, however, who had an incredible 36 Buttfenses!

Good news for some (loathe as I am to say it), Buttgers has passed Michigan in all time team totals, now tied with Ohio State with 25. Already the owner of the best name in the conference, Coach Nunzio Campanile, is hard at work extending the latest smear. Stay tuned to see what he can push out, just don't strain too hard.

Upcoming Schedule

Buttgers still has the chance to avoid going into that long offseason holding the Butt, with upcoming games against Minnesota (Homecoming game) and at Illinois.