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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 8

“I will worry about precisely zero of your shit teams and enjoy dancing like an idiot”

Happy Friday everyone! The week is almost over, I promise. Where We Be, What We Be Drinking is the weekly segment that documents gameday traditions like MNW using academia as his personal brewery crawl, Stew and DJ trying to one up each other with increasingly ambitious amounts of smoked meat, and Thumpasaurus’ slow decline into madness at the hands of the Illinois athletic department.

You guys know what games are on this weekend, so let’s stop wasting time and see what everyone is up to:


I’ve been drinking some really heavy beers lately, so this seems like a PBR and Miller Lite kind of weekend (gotta detox, ya know?) The last two weeks of football have been too depressing for me to do anything fun, so I’ll probably pity drink in a hot tub and order a pizza while reminiscing about what it used to be like when Iowa had a good offensive line.


It’s a lovely fall Friday afternoon in Evanston, and I...want to drink enough to forget this entire thing is happening. Alas! I’ll fly into Chicago bright and early Friday morning and need to fly right back out on Saturday morning to get back to the Twin Cities for a wedding, so I’m mixing business, pleasure, and Northwestern football. Morning will start with some long-overdue research in some papers held at the Chicago History Museum, followed by digesting/processing those findings over a beer or two at Sketchbook Brewing Co. in Evanston, off the Purple Line Main Street stop. A couple friends were kind enough to invite me to their families’ tailgate, so I’ll join in there, bringing along a bottle of Templeton Rye for the host, a sixer of something refreshing for me--I’ve had enough heavy Oktoberfests for a couple weekends--and some cheap-and-shitty to shotgun until Aiden Smith’s wobbly passes to the opposite boundary look as crisp as the fall air. Then, Saturday, I’ll toast a longtime soccer teammate and his lovely bride at their wedding in the Twin Cities, during which I will worry about precisely zero of your shit teams and enjoy dancing like an idiot to Metro Station’s “Shake It” (don’t ask).


I’m at my wedding rehearsal dinner in suburban Chicago and it’s probably for the best. I’ll check the score on my phone, but it won’t be pretty. Oh well. At least I’m getting married! There will be nice wine and probably a few local beers at the rehearsal dinner.


I’ll be in sunny NoFla. I’m looking forward to seeing the white out game on TV. I love being there for it, but I’m always beat to hell afterwards. It’s tough, as you get older, doing all that drinking, eating, yelling, cheering, etc... it really takes a toll. So instead, I’ll be frying up a batch of coconut shrimp (Mayport shrimp or GTFO) and washing them down (hopefully) with with a growler of local 1901 Red Ale from Bold City Brewing in Jax.

Andrew K

I’ll be in beautiful, historic, one-of-a-kind, salt-of-the-earthy, Keyworth Stadium (Hamtramck, Michigan) watching the only team I root for that loves me back, doesn’t hurt me, and is an actual, demonstrable, undeniable positive force in its community, that being the Detroit City Football Club, as they complete what will most likely be an undefeated romp through their first foray into professional soccer. Drinks will be alternating Stroh’s and City Pale Ale, because we drink for the kids. Remember, friends: You either sing for City or you’re shit.


I’ll be back in LA fully recharged and happy from my extra long Aussie holiday only to be brought back down hard to the reality that my team is just god-awful and that I have responsibilities to attend to.


I’ll be in College Park, tailgating for the MD/Indiana game that was graciously given a 3:30pm start. This is the first game we are taking both kids to at the same time, so for the love of god MD please stop doing everything in your power to shoot yourselves in the foot on every single drive. I’m bravely planning to get to the lots right as they open for a long day of tailgating, which is either going to be great or a disaster with a 6 and 8 yo. Either way, they’ll have fun and we’ll have ~6 hours of tailgating before the game so we can still get some drinking in without feeling any guilt w/ them there with us. Sausage/cheese balls are on the breakfast menu followed by smoked buffalo chicken dip and some burgers/dogs for lunch before going into the game.


Second night game has me back on my couch, still groggy, still drinking coffee. If this one’s a blowout for either team, I’m shutting it off and going to sleep.

Candystripes For Breakfast

Afternoon kick means most of the game will be spent at work, but I might get to actually watch some of it, since I control the TV remote at work. Water and Cherry Coke are the beverages of choice, as I get them free.


A glorious bye week! I will hopefully be painting my bathroom and grading a shit-ton of papers to kick off Fall Break, a real tribute to just how truly shitty it is to be an adult. I have some Vandermill Ginger Peach cider waiting in my fridge from my Michigan sojourn this summer that should be a Nice Little Treat. Ring a ding ding.


I’ll be at home for Purdue’s trip to Iowa. It’s supposed to be nice this weekend, so I’ll probably watch the game and drink a Lite or two before heading out to mow for hopefully the last time this season. After the yardwork is done, I’ll break out the Three Floyd’s Robert the Bruce Scottish Ale.

Brian Gillis

I’ll be in Southern California this weekend. Saturday, I’ll be at the Coliseum in beautiful downtown Los Angeles taking in the USC/Arizona game.

Dead Read

Lovely downtown Lincoln. Bye week, thank goodness.


Danville Virginia drinking the much cheaper generic label version of my favorite pumpkin beer.

That’s everyone this week. Now head down to the comment section and let us know what you’ll be doing for game day!