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Wisconsin Lost to Illinois: Reactions

I mean, besides “Ha ha ha!!!!”

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Illinois
Jump Around!
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Happy Sunday everyone! My team didn’t lose, and as a member of the Quadrangle, I’m contractually obligated to have enjoyed the crap out of what happened to Wisconsin yesterday, and believe me, I did! I mean, come on, Badgers, even Nebraska beat Illinois!*

Anyway, we know that pointing and laughing at other fanbases’ misfortunes is an interest of yours, otherwise you wouldn’t be a reader here, so let’s get this show on the road. Congratulate Illinois, and laught at Wisconsin. It’s why we watch this stupid sport.

*Yes, I’m enjoying saying this now before Wisconsin defeats us by 50.

MCClapYoHandz: I think we all agreed going in that this would be a close contest that could go either way...

Beez: My memory is that’s the case.

Beez: But my go to line is “nearly everyone expected Wisconsin to have a loss at this point in the season.” Which is both true and doesn’t hurt my feelings. Also Wisconsin won TOP that game 41-19 and lost so.

Aaron Yorke: I’m speechless. Thought Wisconsin -31 was a lock. Maybe should have looked into Illinois scoring 25 unanswered against Michigan last week. Lovie Smith finally has something to show off that looks like progress and his white beard stands for wisdom instead of a Just For Men boycott. For Wisconsin, it’s a devastating blow but there are still plenty of chances for redemption with Ohio State, Iowa, and Minnesota on the schedule. You probably weren’t going to the Playoff with Jack Coan under center anyway.

Andrew Kraschewski: I’m now equal parts furious about how my own team did against a team that lost to Illinois and apprehensive about a very similar game flow playing out when the Illini come to East Lansing in 3 weeks so that’s fun.

WhiteSpeedReciever: You know, their (Wisconsin’s) defense still hasn’t gone against a top 50 offense. Three turnovers was absolutely the difference. The Illini gashed them a few times, but it seems like whenever they needed a sack they got one.

MNW: Lovie Smith deserves a 4-year extension for that win, and Northwestern will finish last in the Big Ten West. Good job, Illinois! Good job, Thump’s lucky new car!

BRT: Lol Wisconsin, even Nebraska beat these guys. I’m genuinely happy for Illinois and their fans, because they’re the definition of long-suffering. It had to feel especially good after the late collapse against Michigan. This game is why we watch college football, isn’t it?I don’t know what this means for Lovie, but I’d assume it at least eliminates the possibility of a mid-season firing, which is fair. Personally, I’m delighted with the return of Swagger Lovie.Anyway, good on you, Illini. You came to play, the Badgers didn’t. I hope they all enjoy this one to the fullest.

Boilerman31: From a betting perspective, it was damning when books take the moneyline down. Per Patrick Everson from

I have read it’s the B1Ggest upset since App State took down Michigan as 33-point underdogs.


What do you do with a coach like Lovie?

MCClapYoHandz: Real question, if you’re Illinois, what do you do with Lovie now? Still gone?

Beez: If you’re at all smart yeah. They’ve got some legit skill players and pass rushers and can’t do anything with them. It is a BAD team that won a big game. Which hey it happens, but this isn’t the first year he’s had a bad team.

WSR: This is not good for Illinois long-term. Yeeeesh. Feels good today, but can you really extend him off one game? There’s been a lot of ugly this year.

Andrew of Poland: He should still have to make a bowl to stick around. Objectively, you can view this as making up for losing to EMU.


What was your reaction to Illinois actually pulling off the upset?

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What should Illinois do with Lovie?

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  • 11%
    Fire him after the season—this was a blip.
    (45 votes)
  • 49%
    If he can somehow get Illinois to a bowl, keep him around—but only if they go bowling.
    (193 votes)
  • 16%
    Keep him around regardless—this is real progress.
    (66 votes)
  • 22%
    Somehow work magnificent white beards into their uniforms next season when they play Wisconsin.
    (88 votes)
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