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This Mailbag Request Isn’t Mailing It In.

There’s a lot to unpack after this weekend, and I’m not just talking about wisconsin’s luggage for their trip to the playoffs.

Running towards 9wIndiana
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

So everybody catch their breath yet? I’m talking specifically to Illinois fans, who are probably still running on a deserved high, Ohio State players who are probably tired from all the punt returns and kickoff coverage, Indiana and Maryland fans from holding their breath while Tyrrell Pigrome launched another unguided rocket football into the air with the game on the line, and Nebraska fans going on long walks on what was a perfect autumn day for a bye yesterday.

We got a little more clarification on how the B1G stacks up this weekend, didn’t we? tOSU is all by itself on the summit, PSU wants to believe that they’re close (they’re not, but they’re much closer than anyone else), Minnesota may be the best of the rest (but that’s not really saying much), wisconsin, Iowa, and Michigan are all good teams with some issues, Indiana is fun, Purdue is scrappy yet broken, and...yeah. We’ll stop there because I’m not in the mood to dog on people too much today. The games were fun unless your team was on the wrong end of the result, in which case all I can say is wait until next Saturday and things will go better. But how will they go better? Will the badgers bounce back against the machine that is the Buckeyes? Will Maryland make it 3 straight against the Gophers? Will someone score a touchdown in Iowa-Northwestern? Will plucky Rutgers upset the Fightin’ Falwells from Liberty? Will any of us watch Notre Dame vs. Michigan despite the fact that there are no other good games going on in that time slot?

No, but that doesn’t mean that you should avoid asking us things. We like it when you ask us stuff, and we’ll take a crack at the best questions later in the week. In the meantime, I need to get going to meet up with our beloved MNW and some Iowa bloggers to have a few beertinis before going to cheer on YOUR Minnesota Loons in their 1st ever playoff match against Zlatan Ibrahimović. And some teammates I suppose, but they don’t matter because they’re all crap and he’s fucking Zlatan.

Ask us stuff. Please. And have a great evening and start to the week.