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Harbaugh or Meyer, Which Former Big Ten Coach Would Do A Better Job For the Cleveland Browns

Sometimes random stuff just pops into my brain, I can’t help it

Michigan v Illinois Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

As a Columbus native, I am naturally a fan of the Buckeyes, but we also tend to root for the Browns in these parts. I am no exception. My twitter timeline is unhappy with their current coach and the calling for his head has ratcheted up this week. There have been quite a few speculating and hoping that Jim Harbaugh would be the next coach. He does have NFL experience and success, plus quite a few Browns fans are also Michigan fans. It makes sense. Then I saw a tweet that was begging for former OSU coach Urban Meyer to take the Cleveland Browns job. That is what got me thinking.

Push come to shove, or hypothetical coaching hire comes to reality, as a Browns fan, I think I would rather have Jim Harbaugh. At least that was my initial gut reaction. I am going to write this one out, as I think it through.

On the one hand, I want Harbaugh to stay at Michigan as long as he proves incapable of beating Ohio State. However, I want the Browns to win, and I believe he makes it happen, at least in the short term.

I have never felt Urban Meyer was set up for the NFL game. However, Ohio State already lost him as a Buckeye coach, and I am terrified that he will end up at another school and dominate college football again. The Browns certainly wouldn’t look worse than the penalty laden monstrosity I saw today, so Meyer back to the 216 could be fantastic on two fronts.

What a pickle.

This particular Browns lacks discipline, has a raw QB with potential, and would respond to a slightly heavy hand with NFL experience. A coach like Harbaugh. But I could see living in a world where Ashtabula native Meyer makes the transition to the NFL game and takes the Browns to the promised land.

F it, P.J. Fleck has the Gophers bowl eligible plus 2 8 games into the season. Fleck to Cleveland!