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Will Week 10 of Big Ten Football be EVEN SPOOKIER than Week 9? Off Talkle Empire investigates

Spooky Scary Novembercats

NCAA Football: Illinois at Purdue
it’s halloween-adjacent
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports


Bad news...we’re still ironing out the kinks, by which I mean I was apparently not clear enough on how much farther Andrew needs to turn down the gain on his mic and how much closer to it he should be, and also I didn’t bother to check the rate at which his track was recording. SO! After some attempts to fix this in post-production, stretches of it kind of sound like Off Talkle Empire: Live In Front Of Absolutely Nobody!

ANYWAY. Double-header!

In our Week 9 review:

  • Remember when some people thought this Ohio State Buckeyes team would take a step back? WELL QUIT IT. YOU’RE MAKING THEM STRONGER.
  • Jeff Brohm coaches himself out of a game against the Illinois Fighting Illini. Paul Chryst offers bland sympathy.
  • These are the steady state conditions of the Michigan State Spartans under Mark Dantonio. How did his bid to blow up the Death Star fail?
  • Are any P5 coaches still on the hot seat?

In our preview of Week 10, we tackle:

  • How did Michigan get left out of Important Team Bye Week?
  • Will Purbraska, otherwise known as Husker’Due, end up being pretty fun?
  • Is it finally time for the Novembercats to shine?