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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 6

“Chains and whips excite me!”

Welcome to Friday, and welcome to another week of Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: the weekly segment where we go around the country world to see what the OTE staff will be doing on game day. From happy drinking, to sad drinking, to bored drinking— we’ve got the entire spectrum of emotions. Football is a hell of a sport, isn’t it? Ok let’s check in on the “writers”.


Mrs. Creighton will be at a work thing on Saturday morning, so I’ll be sitting on the couch with some Wake Up Iowa coffee stout from Backpocket (or if this cold persists through the weekend I’ll probably stick to dark n’ stormys) and a couple of 6 month olds. It already sounds too exhausting to cook anything, so I’ll either order a pizza or see if the new Cuban place by my house is on GrubHub.


I’m going to be in Baltimore for work all week (talk about timing). I’ll be in transit to Happy Valley friday pm. It’s the towniepocalypse this weekend. All the townies will be meeting up at multiple tailgates for some pre- and post-game drinking. As elder statesmen these days, we usually go for booze. Last year, I drank a copious amount after watching MSU make our defense look silly (that’s a special kind of WTF feeling, I promise you) and come out with a win.


I’ll be at home, drinking a few Daisy Cutters or something else local since it’s an away game

Andrew K

The Enhousening continues as the last of the furniture is scheduled to arrive this weekend. The grass has to be cut. The grass always has to be cut.

Candystripes For Breakfast

I will be spending this Saturday as I do most Saturdays (right now, anyway): going to work during the 3:30 games, and watching whatever’s on when I get there. Since Indiana’s on a bye, I won’t have to check the scoreboard to see how we’ve managed to give the game away this time. Mostly drinking water, due to both heat at work and me recovering from a cold.


I will be in beautiful Holland, Michigan, enjoying the fall weather and the changing leaves while taking a break from the horrors of Illini football. They’re not gonna fool me again. I’ll almost certainly have to stop in New Holland Brewing’s tap room and sample all the limited-edition releases of Dragon’s Milk.


Ugh, this won’t be pretty. I’ll be at home, possibly doing some outdoor work since the weather should begin cooling off. I’ll probably be drinking some Two Hearted Ale and, if choosing to watch the game, wishing I were swimming in the river the beer is named after to get frostbite and numb the pain (The Two Hearted River is in the UP of Michigan and flows into Lake Superior. I canoed it with my family during vacations as a child. It’s fucking cold in the summer time and probably really fucking cold this time of year).


This week might kill me (it’s only Tuesday as I write this), so for Saturday, I simply want to sleep until the first round of games, then lay on the couch in a fetal position while Nebraska does its best to screw up against Northwestern. I will be drinking some of my hoarded New Glarus from this summer (Serendipity or Strawberry Rhubarb, because I have earned this) or possibly a gin and tonic with pink gin, which is my current affectation.

Dead Read

I will be in lovely downtown Lincoln, and I am hoping not to utilize any coping mechanisms while watching Big Red. The odds really aren’t on my side.

Jesse Collins

I am unaware of where I will be. In theory, I’ll be home after a work trip to Santa Cruz, but it’s a last flight out situation so we will see if things go wrong - they often go wrong. If I’m home, it’ll be back in sunny - and incredibly hot - Austin, where I’ll be avoiding downtown like the plague as hordes of festival goers stress me out. I will be drinking copious amounts of water and probably sleeping.


Home. Robbinsdale’s Wicked Wort Brewing has its Oktoberfest beginning at noon, so I might bike over, drink an unhealthy amount of Marzen, and be in a better headspace to handle losing at Nebraska in shitty fashion.

Brian Gillis

I’ll be in Ann Arbor this weekend for the Michigan/Iowa game, hoping to learn whether Michigan’s improved play last week was real or just a Rutgers mirage.

Brian B2

Leave it to me to start contributing for a collegiate football-centric blog AND acquire a new job at a brewery in which I work almost every Saturday in essentially the same week. BUT, this Saturday I do not go in until 5, so I can catch the annual “who is actually the worst team in the Big Ten” bowl between Maryland and Rutgers. I would think that title will remain with Rutgers for the time being, but who knows, Maryland is a certain brand of hot-stinky garbage themselves. Will I watch, I don’t know, I’ll have to see how masochistic I am feeling Saturday. Is that even the right word? Chains and whips excite me! My local beer store has 4-packs of Ithaca Beer Co’s Flower Power IPA on sale for $5.99, so I imagine I will be drinking a lot of those before stumbling into the brewery for my closing shift.


Penn State has the early game, and I have two Brazilian sirloins. No, that’s not more than two million. Gonna grill those bad boys, slather them with some herb butter, and devour them both with a baked potato. I be drinking some iced tea.


I will be at Historic TCF Bank Stadium this weekend enjoying a beautiful (current forecast: high of 59, 60% chance of rain) fall day for homecoming against Illinois. I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful time for all, and I’ll probably end up drinking coffee and/or hot chocolate with schnapps I’ve smuggled into the stadium.


I’ll be in Mykonos for the weekend, drinking something decidedly Greek. SMCD will be interesting.


Home, probably doing yardwork around football considering it’s the first not hot day in a while (high in the 60s!). Probably hydrating throughout the day but if anyone can cause me to need to drink midday, it would be Maryland derping a game to a team that just fired it’s HC and OC.


I’ll actually be in Australia for the next two Saturdays, tuning into BTN, of course.


I’ll finally be done with a week-long trial where my shortest day was 11 hours, and Wisconsin is playing Kent State. This sounds exactly like a perfect storm for having some daytime Ruby Redbird and napping through most of the game.

That’s it for your “writers”, but how about the rest of you? Are you missing the game to take part in an elaborate card counting scheme to save your favorite tavern? Are you paying for in-flight wifi only to watch the game at full volume without headphones in because you’re a wisconsin fan? We’re not mind readers, so head to the comments and let us know what you’re doing for game day.