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OTE Players of the Week: Week 5

For the first time in 9 days, OTE POTW has time to breathe

Dear valued reader(s? nah, just reader I’m sure) of the weekly OTE Players of the Week Column,

I have been in a trial the past week, which means I’ve only been doing things to get ready for it and to make sure my body doesn’t waste away in the past 10 days. Don’t think I forgot about you!

I don’t have time or interest in writing an entire thingy for this week, since nobody is going to read this before the day’s games start, but let me say this: Yes, I acknowledge some players had awesome weeks last week. Don’t think I decided not to write it because of who the winners are. I would never do such a thing! As it stands, here’s who I saw as worth of awards from Week 6.

Offensive Player of the Week: Sean Clifford

QB - Penn State Nittany Lions at Maryland Terrapins, technically
Really good stats that you can look up.

Sean Clifford had an awesome week in the Big Ten in Week 5. Congrats

Honorable Mention Players of the Week: Week 5

Tanner Morgan - QB - Minnesota Golden Gophers
All I’ll say about Tanner Morgan is this: He had this award easily wrapped up until he let Purdue come allllllll the way back. Do better, Tanner.

Wisconsin’s Defense - Defense - Wisconsin Badgers
Wisconsin’s Defense scored almost all the points in the game against Northwestern

Defensive Player of the Week: Wisconsin Badgers D

Defense - Wisconsin Badgers hosting Northwestern Wildcats
Have you seen this past week’s defensive stats?

Approximately a million tackles for loss. Approximately a billion backfield disruptions. Two TDs. You know it’s right.


Tanner Morgan is right where he should be, right?

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