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Off Tackle Empire Obligatory ATS Contest - Week 7 - UPDATED - PLEASE READ

Get the best number. Avoid the Bad Beat. Right, Penn State Fans?

Where you never want to see your team

Update: So, Brilliant Boilerman dun forgot to make the username field mandatory. As such, there’s a bunch of picks with no name. Please check the sheet and resubmit your picks if needed. Sorry!

Welcome to Week 7 of the ATS competition! We’re at the midway point of the season for many teams. The leaves are starting to change, the crops are starting to be harvested, Autumn is in full swing. It is a fantastic time of year.

Last week served as a reminder to always get the best number. Penn State was heavily bet on and the line jumped from -15.5 at the open and closed at -28.5 or -29 depending upon where you shop. Purdue slowed Penn State’s offense down in the second half to only lose by 28, giving them the ATS win at the sportsbooks (but since I set it at -27 earlier in the week, Nits get the cash in the contest). Remember, friends, always get the best number for your pick.

You’re at a potential disadvantage here as I set the lines on Tuesday, so you’re not gonna always get the best number, but I try to be fair and let the market move things a little before locking it in for the contest (because pride is more important than bankroll).

Anyways, best of luck this week. Let’s get to it.

(Skip this part if you’ve been here already. You know the drill.)

Once again, I’ve created a Google form for you to enter your picks below. I’ll also provide a link to the aggregate sheet for your viewing and mocking pleasure. Lines were set this morning from the lines from Circa Sports. If you see a better line somewhere else, sorry, but not really. All bets are -110 to win 100.

View Your Picks here!