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The NCAA Stole My Post, and I Want it Back!

I suppose it’s all a moot point now

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 18 Ohio State at Northwestern Photo by Daniel Bartel/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

At the start of the week, I had a nice post planned for today. Chase Young was getting buzz for the Heisman and I really wanted him to win. Not because he is a great guy, I am sure he is. Not for the upstart Ohio State Buckeyes, that desperately need a feel good story, but for the rivalry. We all know the second biggest rivalry in college football is Ohio State vs. Michigan. Second only to P.J. Fleck vs. serenity. (also, I TOLD YOU MINNESOTA WAS FOR REAL) My “article” was going to be along the lines of “If Young becomes the second defensive player win the Heisman, then that takes something away from Michigan.” I think we are all for that, or all of us except the NCAA. My post was going to have research and layers and other stuff that real writers do, but the NCAA stepped in, and now you all get this.

The NCAA is in trouble. I don’t think anyone disagrees with that and I think 99% of the world is happy about it. While the wheels were set in motion long ago, what happened in California added degrees to the bubbling water. This “players deserve money, too” thing is going to boil over very soon. I couldn’t care less. I am here to watch football. If the kid is getting paid, not paid, I care, but I don’t. I just want to see the players I am accustomed to watching play the game. I already lose out on that a bit because of injury, there is no need for the NCAA to step in and take that away.

I’ve got this novel concept that the NCAA should have considered long ago that would have helped prolong it’s death. The overall amount of money was always going to suffocate the amateur status quo, but time and again the ridiculous rulings ruining runaway seasons could have been put to a stop. Stop suspending players for minor infractions. It’s crazy, I know.

Let’s look to the well oiled American criminal justice system for an example. Nearly everyone speeds. Nearly every player takes some benefits because they are the popular people on campus. A free beer here, a beachfront condo there, stuff is given to them all the time. The NCAA solution to throw them in jail or execute a career over speeding is the ridiculous. Not only does the punishment to the player not fit the crime, the paying customers are punished. Well, the fans of the teams that the NCAA bothers to punish. Sure, Chase Young deserves to be punished. Like a speeding ticket, take some money out of his paycheck. Oh, wait. Maybe give him some community service, where he has to make an extra visit to Children’s hospital. Maybe hold him out of practice. At worst he should be forced to listen to the Paul Finebaum show, but suspension is ridiculous.

I am willing to put it to a poll. I want you to be honest, what should the punishment be if the best player on YOUR favorite team took a loan from a potential family friend that was paid back?


The NCAA punishment for borrowing money and paying it back should be?

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    Typing out "Punishment for borrowing money and paying it back" made me realize we just need to burn the NCAA down
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