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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 12

“Drinking when the sun’s up now makes me have to nap.“

Hey everyone, it’s your favorite Friday tradition! Where We Be, What We Be Drinking is where we meet each week to discuss food and drinks or complain about whatever’s keeping us away from said food and drinks. This is the third one of these in a row where Thumpasaurus is happy, which is three more than the lifetime total!

And there are actually some good games this week! Battle for the Floyd of Rosedale is probably the marquee matchup, but Dantonio is always good to pull some bullshit against Michigan so I’m putting that game at a close second. Also Northwestern is favored over an FBS opponent by more than 40 points and it’s not a typo. Weird things are happening this weekend, get your beers ready.


I gave myself a nice little 5-day weekend starting today. Tomorrow morning I’m getting brunch at a brewery, then bringing a growler home to relax and watch football all weekend, along with the last of the beer I brought back from Iowa a few months ago. I’ve got nothing more exciting than that planned. Yeah it’s boring, but I’m still looking forward to it.

Brian Gillis

Regrettably, I will not be in Ann Arbor this weekend to watch Michigan battle Michigan State. Instead, I’ll be seeing how the other half lives. This weekend I’ll be venturing into SEC country to watch top-ranked LSU play Ole Miss. I’ve long heard that the gameday experience in Oxford is a great one, and this weekend I’ll find out to what extent that’s the case.

Getting back to the battle for Paul Bunyan, reeling or not, I fully expect Mark Dantonio and his Spartans to bring their best effort of the season this weekend.


My couch. Possibly watching some of this game and drinking, possibly clearing a brush pile the size and ugliness of a Nissan Cube and taking it to the local yard waste site. If the latter, probably just a lot of Grain Belt the second I’m done. If the former, probably just a lot of Grain Belt the second it starts. Point is, I’ve got a lot of Grain Belt, and I’m going to drink it.

Brian B2

Holy Shit. I finally actually have a different answer for this. I will be in Chicago with my old college roommates. Maryland isn’t playing, but I wouldn’t be watching if they were. Overall we probably won’t be watching any football, but I imagine we will be drinking too much of something. I won’t have a car and my deep southern roots will make it difficult to face the dreadful cold for too long, but I will make a mild effort to get to a brewery or three.


Bye Week. Home. Beer of some sort.


I’ll be at home. Some time during the day I’ll have some good local stuff at a Friendsgiving party.

Candystripes For Breakfast

B1G Noon Kickoff time for IU-PSU means I’ll actually be at home to watch (and hope for the highly improbable). Either mocha iced coffee or hot cocoa will probably be the breakfast beverage.
Callback from last week: The 2019 edition of Desert Bus for Hope raised $864,415, passed $6 million in lifetime donations, and ran until 5:14am Eastern this morning. I know this, because I stayed up to watch the end. Worth it, as always.

Andrew K

Home, more indifferent to MSU football than I’ve been in quite some time. Planning more outstanding basketball content, plz subscribe


I’ll be in North Florida, coaching softball Friday AND Saturday. Then I’m heading to a big pig roast Saturday evening for the Georgia/Auburn game. I’ve got a six pack of Bell’s Two Hearted Ale and a bottle of 1792 Bourbon to lubricate the evening.

Dead Read

Gonna go to the massacre at Memorial Stadium. Accepting thoughts and prayers, karma, good vibrations...whatever you got.


Rivalry Week comes early for the Nittany Lions. I’ll be fueling up on motor oil and 100% pure Colombian hatred for Indiana. Noon kickoff? No problem. That gives me 8+ hours before kickoff to seethe. We’re coming for you, “ranked” “Hoosiers”.


I may be going to the game... oof. I’m more excited to go to volleyball that night and take a friend who has never been to a Husker volleyball game! Perhaps will hit SARO Cider or a Haymarket watering hole before the match.


I’m gonna be at Wisconsin at a strategically scheduled wedding during the Illini bye week. Open bar!


I’ll be in Danville VA again, probably drinking water because drinking when the sun’s up now makes me have to nap.


I’ll be in (long line of hyperbolic adjectives) Kinnick Stadium. Looks like we’re doing a bloody mary bar. As it’s also Floyd week, I’ll probably bring some pork. Probably bacon and country ribs or pork chop sandwiches. I’ll be drinking some Surly Darkness, and some of whatever other Minnesotan beers I’ve got around.

Now that you know what we’re doing, head down to the comments and let us know how you’re spending game day! As always pictures of food and pets win you bonus Shermanbucks (a currency which we’ll get around to inventing one of these days).