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OTE ATS Picks Contest: Week 13

Rollin’, rollin, rollin’ on a parlay

NCAA Football: Purdue at Northwestern David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t parlay on a regular basis but when I do, it’s usually on the ridiculous side. Something like an 11-team moneyline parlay that pays out around +355. Yes, that’s a lot for something stupid not to happen but when it makes it, damn does it feel good.

Parlays are largely sucker bets. The disciplined bettor might do a 3 teamer every now and then but they tend to avoid them because parlays rely on a large series of events falling the right way. What I do enjoy doing on a weekly basis is a 4-team teaser parlay, especially in the NFL where bookies are very good at predicting the number. What a teaser does is give you room on one side of the line and basically says you’re trusting the bookmaker is good at his job.

Best of luck to my fellow degenerates. Bet smart.

(Skip this next part if you’ve been here already. You know the drill.)

Once again, I’ve created a Google form for you to enter your picks below. I’ll also provide a link to the aggregate sheet for your viewing and mocking pleasure. Lines were set this morning from the lines from Circa Sports. If you see a better line somewhere else, sorry, but not really. All bets are -110 to win 100.

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