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Minnesota Crashes To Earth, But What Of The College Football Playoff? Big Ten Football Week 12 Recap & Review

Snap back to reality OPE

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

This week’s Win Fight Try Brewster of the Week is from Milwaukee’s MobCraft Brewing, The Kneads Of The Bread Outweigh The Needs Of The Few:

If you look below the Ohio State Buckeyes tier, there sure are some interesting things going on in college football, especially in the Big Ten, which might be deeper than anyone expected. An absolute kaleidoscope of flavor, this beer was inspired by chocolate banana bread with peanut butter on it. On top, there is air. At the bottom, there is glass. The middle is opaque because nothing is clear between the top and the bottom of the Big Ten!

So, the Minnesota Golden Gophers have snapped back to reality. Ope. There goes gravity. Ope, there goes Floyd.

How close were the Nebraska Cornhuskers?

How impressive were the Northwestern Wildcats?

Will there be three SEC teams in the College Football Playoff, or will they throw in a fourth?

How dead is Michigan State?

All this and more!