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Finding a Path to Victory for Penn State Football over Ohio State: Big Ten Week 13 Preview & Predictions

Plus, it’s Chickenshit Saturday!

NCAA Football: Indiana at Penn State Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Buckle up!

We’re going to examine the spooky Northwestern Wildcats with the most momentum they’ve had all year trying to pick off the Minnesota Golden Gophers. However, we are tolerating no disrespect of PJ Fleck on these internets.

We’re taking a long hard look at SPARTGERS as the possibility of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights emphatically ending all hope for the Michigan State Spartans looms large.

We’re seeing how much orange Kool-Aid is left over for the Illinois Fighting Illini as they try to ward off Kinnick magic to stay improbably alive against the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Can the Purdue Boilermakers complete the final improbable piece of the Week 13 puzzle that would keep the Illini alive for Indy, or will Jonathan Taylor mow them down with impunity?

Are the Nebraska Cornhuskers really appreciably better than the Maryland Terrapins?

Who’s afraid of the Indiana Hoosiers and why isn’t it the Michigan Wolverines?

And okay fine you know we’re going to spend a lot of time talking about it so let’s talk about all the ways it might be possible for the Penn State Nittany Lions to knock off the Ohio State Buckeyes in Columbus this weekend.

Stay tuned for a rundown of the SEC’s Chickenshit Saturday tradition!