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The Weekly Mailbag Request Is Ready For The Short Week.

But don’t think for a moment we’ll come up short answering your best questions.

Ferentz thinks he sees a punter off on the horizon.

Happy Sunday night everybody! I’ve decided to forsake my grammatical shenanigans in the title for this post because I’m just wiped out after my weekend expedition to Evanston and some family obligations today. For those who have never been, there are few experiences in the college game that quite capture the high school football experience quite like Dyche Field. From the ticket prices (I paid under $15 for 3 of them on Seatgeek) to the small crowd size to one team being much bigger, faster, and stronger than the other, I can’t think of a better way to pretend you’re watching Friday Night Football on Saturday. Joking aside, the highlight (outside of the Gophers win) was definitely meeting the esteemed LincolnParkWildcat and MCClapYoHandz and seeing the ghost of Nate Peterson.

What is it that you’d like us to try to answer this week? Best breed of small dog? Favorite way to torment nieces and nephews at family holiday gatherings? Just how badly is “too badly” when beating the hell out of a family member at Tecmo Super Bowl on your old NES? Since Jonathan Taylor has gathered 25% of his career rushing yards against Purdue and Nebraska, did the badgers ever consider scheduling them a 2nd time in a season ala Liberty vs. New Mexico State last season? Any of these or anything else that strikes your fancy will be considered.

Thank you, and have a wonderful short week at work.


Who was your Tecmo Super Bowl team?

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