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Something is Happening in New Jersey

...and we need your help, Empire

Texas Bowl: Rutgers v Kansas State Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

A funny thing happened on the way to hiring another Ohio State Defensive Coordinator as the next Rutgers football head coach.

Greg Schiano rose from the dead.

If you’ve taken a look at “The Internet” over the past few days, you might have noticed that Rutgers fans have some strong feelings about this.

Politicians have gotten involved. National pundits have weighed in. Tweetstorms have raged. Fans have protested at our should-be-#1-Men’s Basketball Team’s games. National pundits have weighed in on the fan protests and Tweetstorms.

This is an unprecedented level of fan outrage...

...or is it?

Remember that time some rednecks from Tennessee threw a fit because Schiano wasn’t good enough for them, citing dubious facts and well, basically doing the exact inverse of what Rutgers fans are doing right now?

Yeah, that was interesting.

So, here we are, internet friends. We have taken one of the largest, most well-respected universities in the world and brought it to its knees over the non-hiring of a .500 coach who’s been unemployed for 2 years.

That is amazing.

That is incredible.

That is Boaty McBoatFace levels of internet power.

Here’s where we need you.

If there’s one thing I know about the Off Tackle Empire community, it’s that we’re good at stirring things up on the internet. (Remember that time I wrote a Penn State hate piece that ended up on the Rutgers Communications Director’s desk? Good times.)

I beseech you, please fire up your favorite internet device and join in the fun.

We need your posts, we need your fanshots, we need your rants, we need your hashtags.

Most importantly, we need your gifs.

This Tweetstorm is a great place to start: has somehow become the voice of the preposterous Rutgers fan and we want to support them for going completely off the rails and saying exactly what we (well, except Zuzu and some other more level headed people) are saying.

Why should you support our bizarre deification of Greg Schiano?

Well, you either believe he’s a good coach or not.

If you believe he’s a good coach, then that’s great for the Big Ten, because we all know our presence in the conference over the past few years hasn’t done anything to help your respective strength of schedules. If you believe he’s not, then all the better for you! Illinutgers will continue to be the pinnacle of sporting.

Maybe you just disagree with Chris Christie on principle and want to see him proven wrong.

Or maybe you just want to watch the internet burn.

If I know our community, it’s the latter.

I’ll see you on the internet, internet friends <3