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You know what? Yes. Rutgers should get Schiano

I changed my mind. Slightly. Let’s go after Schiano. But some things still hold true.

On Monday, I wrote this article stating that Rutgers dodged a bullet in not hiring Greg Schiano. Ultimately, I was and still am of the notion that Greg Schiano does not guarantee wins at Rutgers which is the whole point of Big Ten football. However, no one guarantees wins at Rutgers, and things Greg does come with are many including increased season ticket sales, respect from local high school programs, that boosted NFL connection, and getting this fan base to finally, shut the hell up. This current civil war within the fanbase is not worth it and frustratingly, if we hired a different guy, unless they were Urban Meyer, which isn’t happening, I do not think the next guy would be given a chance by the base, so that's an uphill battle right there for next guy (that they don't deserve).

I’m a pragmatic person, and I go where reality goes which is why when it was announced that the Greg-Rutgers reunion fell through, I looked ahead. I was initially upset, but figured dwelling on what had happened was pointless. So that’s why I wrote that piece. Call it self-therapy and me trying to share a little bit of that self-therapy with Rutgers fans who were willing to listen. Expectedly, the piece received backlash with grown men reacting on Facebook, Twitter, and various direct messages in a way that suggests they are not in fact, “grown men.” But regardless, I didn’t take any of it personally, and I have come to fully understand how mangled this whole Greg Schiano situation really was. What Rutgers leadership (and Greg too) did was get an entire fan base either excited or complacent with a hire and then ripped the carpet out from under us ALL. Even the ones like me, and many, who weren't high on Schiano to begin with do genuinely feel betrayed and angered by this. Still though, I found myself trying to be grounded, as I am, and look ahead to other candidates--dealing with the reality that Greg wasn't coming, until I saw THIS Tweet.

I’m here for this speck of hope because I want this all to be over, I want a new coach in place and I want the Rutgers fanbase reunited again, because I haven’t been more depressed over Rutgers-related things than I have been in the past 3 days. Mostly not because of what Rutgers did, but because of the chasm between people supposedly united behind that Block R. So I am hoping with multiple fibers of my being that we can just get Greg Schiano and move on with our lives. If not


  1. I still think Greg Schiano wanting full autonomy is ridiculous. You gotta earn that and he has not as an unemployed coach fired from his last two non-head coaching stints and who never won a championship.
  2. Greg can’t do any of that lowkey shady stuff he did last time that got us in NCAA trouble when he wasn’t even here.
  3. He should get the same private jet deal as other coaches. An annual/seasonal hourly allotment.
  4. I still don’t think Pat Hobbs is this evil villain many people made him out to be, I just think he knows he and Greg would have tenuous working relationship, but you know what? He should get over that, I mean he’s still gonna be his boss.
  5. I understand the board’s reservations about what many of you people keep calling “investing” when to them, for good reason, it seems more to be gambling. And especially at a critical time for universities with financial worry on the horizon.
  6. Money still doesn’t grow on trees and all y’all that threw literal temper tantrums over this better step the f*** up with your wallets and get us that Field House that you all suddenly think we need no matter what, even though none of you were even thinking about that until it was leaked that Greg wanted it.
  7. Our current facilities are fine.
  8. This is the Big Ten's fault for financially handicapping us to begin with. No. We are not comparable to Nebraska and Maryland who got the same deal. Nebraska is a historical powerhouse, Maryland was bankrolled by Under Armor, and both came from a Power 5 conference.
  9. $4 million dollars and 6 years with an inevitable extension at year 2 or 3 if he does well is a perfectly good deal.
  10. Rutgers is absolutely all in on Big Ten Athletics, it would be stupid not to be, but they were simply misguided on how to get there with regards to this current debacle.
  11. Who cares what the president thinks, he’s retiring and it’s not his job to be overly concerned about athletics, that’s what the AD is there for.
  12. But Hobbs did screw up and needs to make this right.
  13. We wouldn’t be in this situation if Greg’s name wasn’t railroaded to begin with.
  14. If we definitely ultimately don’t get Greg, I still think we’ll be fine, but this fanbase needs to want to give the next guy a chance (I like Bret Bielema a lot).
  15. I do still have this worry that if Greg Schiano 2.0 doesn't work out it will signal the final death of Rutgers Football with the sentiment of "not even Greg Schiano could revive Rutgers Football." But as of now that's not a bridge we have to cross if ever.
  16. Some of you really need therapy.

So here you go, Rutgers fanbase. I’m adding to the “make this right, and let’s try to still get Schiano,” discourse. Because no matter what this was botched and shouldn’t look good to either camp of this Rutgers debate. So please,