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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 14

“I’m going to have the bandolier of travel shampoo containers full of schnapps“

It pains me to say this, but we’re already in the final Friday of the regular season. I trust you all ate until you couldn’t feel your arms anymore yesterday?

This is the penultimate (Don’t forget that championship game) WWBWWBD of the season, the weekly segment where the OTE staff shares how they’ll be spending game day with you, Joe Everyfan.

We’ve actually got some pretty good rivalry games this weekend so sit back, grab a drink and a big ass turkey leg, and enjoy yourself. If you have to work retail today, hang in there. There’s a nice cold beer waiting for you at home.

Let’s see what kind of leftovers everyone will be eating:


I’ll be the Heroes Game some less stupidly named football game today from my couch eating leftovers and drinking bourbon with eggnog in it. I have zero desire to do any kind of black friday shopping, so I’m just going to lay low and watch football all day. I don’t have any plans for Saturday yet, but I’ll probably swing by a brewery tomorrow morning to pick up a sixer of crowlers to get me through the weekend.


I’m currently planning on going to the game... but “rain likely” and “late November” and “5-7 team” are really going to combine to test my dedication on this one. It’s still better than Black Friday shopping though.


I will be at College Gameday and then at historic TCF Bank Stadium to watch the Gophers retain the Axe. It’s currently forecasted for 2-6” of snow on Friday followed by some rain and snow Saturday morning, and I can’t wait to find out just exactly how waterproof my Carhartt bibs and winter coat are. I’m going to have the bandolier of travel shampoo containers full of schnapps to pour into coffee & hot cocoa in the stadium, and I’ll have some Grain Belt Nordeasts during my pregame shenanigans.

Brian Gillis

Does this really need to be said? I’ll be in Ann Arbor. At the Big House.


Home between work trips. Probably drinking some coffee with a little Grand Marnier mixed in.


I’ll be fresh from my trip to Cairo, hopefully with some ancient alien brew to awake my consciousness.


I’ll actually be in Minneapolis, enjoying a tailgate with some Gopher fans all hyped up for Gameday’s arrival. Hopefully that’ll clear out the lots just a little bit and allow me to stretch my legs as I bitterly watch HAT on my phone. Lots of Mich Golden Light flowing, usually some good chili and dips, and I’ll probably contribute some Surly to the cause as well.


I’ll probably be at my parents house in the Chicago suburbs, drinking leftover beer from thanksgiving or whatever they have there.

Candystripes For Breakfast

At home for most of the game, possibly heading off to work by the end of the 4th quarter if the game runs long.

Andrew K

Wheeeeee let’s go to East Lansing and watch two bad teams, one of which theoretically has something to play for and the other of which is Maryland.

Dead Read

I’ll be in lovely downtown Lincoln. GBR.


I’ll be in Danville watching two very consequential games involving Wisconsin and App State. And decorating for Xmas and drinking eggnog with bourbon.

Now that you know what we’re doing, how are the rest of you spending game day? Whether you’re Planes, Trains, and Automobiles-ing it back home from the holiday or you’re staying at home building a scale model of Paul Bunyan’s Axe out of leftover mashed potatoes, we’d love to know, so head down to the comments and share! Bonus Shermanbucks for pictures of pets begging for food yesterday.