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Sunday Morning Coming Down // Week 10

A real stinker

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Indiana Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Ten B1G Things

  1. Find the man who scheduled this weekend and beat him with a rubber hose.
  2. Not a single team on the field today has a chance to see Indy, unless Michigan has an unexpected layover.
  3. If this isn’t the end of Mick McCall, his career will persist until the heat-death of the universe.
  4. Indiana is WINdiana until further notice
  5. Michigan’s offense scored 4 touchdowns against Maryland, tying Purdue for fewest B1G offensive touchdowns against the Terps
  6. Some shine has come off the dome of that Notre Dame win
  7. Speaking of wins...means not speaking of Nebraska
  8. Someone please tell Purdue that the coming of Armistice Day doesn’t require them to re-enact the slaughter of Passchendaele (Jack Plummer shall not grow old)
  9. Purdue is still mathematically bowl-eligible
  10. Purdue is not realistically bowl-eligible.
  11. Illinois is mathematically and realistically bowl-eligible. What a world.
  12. Another week of undefeated Minnesota hangs over the West like a maroon cloud
  13. Rutgers has been shut out in 50% on conference games.
  14. A targeting hit that removes a quarterback from the remainder of the game should result in the ball being spotted at the 1 yard line

The Rundown

Michigan at Maryland | M is for Mighty Boring in the East, 38-7

Maryland was bad before they lost their QB(s). Now Maryland is downright awful. Nonetheless, the Josh Gattis Show couldn’t muster more than one TD per quarter against a Maryland defense that got pummeled for 6 TDs by Minnesota’s offense. The game was never in question, but Michigan fans have to be somewhat concerned after seeing their team go 45% on 3rd down and average 1.3 yards less per run than the Gophers.

DJ: Man 3-9 never felt so awful. Basketball season is here and I can sufficiently ignore what we call a football team.

Nebraska at Purdue | Cool Brees magic, 31-27

Mr. Who Dat himself paid a visit to the Purdue locker room to inspire [whichever Boilermakers were still alive] to seize the victory. It worked. Facing a deficit late in the 4th and another loss at QB (Jack Plummer, likely out for season), Coach Brohm turned once again to Aidan O’Connell. The capable backup led Purdue down the field to punch it in with 1:05 remaining. Nebraska—no longer guided by a backup—couldn’t answer in time. The Boilermakers are all but assured of missing the post-season, barring the East sliding into the sea.

Boilerman: For stretches of this game, no one deserved to win. I’m still not sure anyone did. To Coach Brohm’s credit, he called a beautiful drive and pulled out the win when Jack Plummer went down with an ankle injury and Aiden O’Connell looked confident driving the field.

The defense did well making some timely plays and keeping Nebraska out of the end zone with some short fields. Unfortunately, the middle of the field was embarrassingly open at times. I honestly expected Nick Holt to play soft defense in the final drive and give up an embarrassing touchdown but he didn’t and the defense stopped Adrian Martinez and Company to seal the win.

At this point, the Boilers have nothing to lose. Play loose, play free, keep improving.

Dead_Read: Nebraska has gone 0-fer Indiana over the last two weeks, playing against backup quarterbacks. That takes commitment. Oh yeah...GBR.

BRT: Martinez was back, but looked kinda rusty. The defense, and who knew it was possible, looks as though they’ve somehow regressed on the whole “tackling” thing. Lather, rinse, repeat. This was the definition of a game where no matter who won, neither fanbase was going to feel very good about it. This is 0% surprising if you have watched even a minute of Husker football this season. 0%. If you expected anything different, you are not in touch with reality.

Rutgers at Illinois | No Lovie in these mean streets, 38-10

The Illini have found a stride of sorts, and nothing adds a swagger to a team’s step like playing the failed state that is Rutgers Football. Brandon Peters averaged 20 yards per completion and the Illinois defense grabbed three turnovers (including a pick-six) in a wholesale dismantling of the Red-Hot Garbage from Piscataway. Lest you think I’m being too hard on Rutgers, remember that the Knights have scored 24 combined points in B1G play. They’ve been shutout thrice.

Rutgers Highlight:

Thumpasaurus: :’)

Northwestern at Indiana | Hope we didn’t you hurt boys too bad, 34-3

What has become of the gridiron football team formerly known as the Wildcats of Northwestern University? I vaguely remember a team from an eerily similar school in the B1G title game last year. Instead, I’m now seeing the Wildcats fail to crest the 200 yard mark against Indiana, and complete 38% of their passes. There isn’t much else to say, as Indiana owned this game from whistle to whistle.

Candystripes: For the first time since 2007, Indiana is guaranteed to finish .500 or better. We’re in rarefied air, people; breathe it in

LPW: Mick McCall needs to be left behind in Bloomington. If he somehow makes it home he needs to be thrown in Lake Michigan. Who’s with me??? Fumbles have been killing us today, and we’re flat out being outplayed. Hats off to Indiana. This team needs to grow up and fast. Last year we had some lucky breaks And this year we don’t have any. Oh hell. Fuck this noise.

MNW: Beers were good, ‘Cats were bad. Anything else? No? We’re done here.