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The Blocking Chargecast: Men’s Hoops Previews of Iowa, Nebraska, & Michigan

The BC featuring Stewmonkey13 gives the lookback/preview treatment to yet another red team, but in a yellow sandwich this time! Iowa faces substantial roster transition; Nebraska looks at that and says hold my Runza; Michigan places a large gamble on an uncertain commodity with a sky-high ceiling

UAB v Iowa State
Pictured, the new coach most likely to succeed of the ones we discuss here
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

As you might gather upon listening, this was actually the first Blocking Chargecast recorded, but since my file conversion site has daily limits, it got pushed back in the queue a bit.

Also, I know the opening is a bit choppy and I promise it’ll get better - without actual tech person Thumpasaurus holding my hand/doing all the work, I had to Ask Jeeves how to do some of this and it’s been a process.


  • Why I disavow my relationship with Uncle Coach K


  • 3:52 Discussing the annual Iowa Basketball Meltdown like it’s construction season in the Midwest
  • 6:40 ‘member that time Ahmad Wagner played basketball for Iowa and is now a possible NFL draftee for Kentucky football? Also we talk roster stuff
  • 11:15 Monsieur Touissant’s two-PG system in the event Connor McCaffrey still can’t shoot?
  • 12:35 Schedule chatter - Texas Tech highlights the non-con
  • 19:52 Pining after DJ Carton


  • 21:00 RIP in peace Tim Miles, but boy is he going to be good in the studio
  • 23:15 The latest iteration of Fred Hoiberg’s Home For Wayward Boys
  • 28:00 Nice dose of corn-syrup enhanced schedule (cuuuuuuupcakes)


  • 33:30 Tipping the cap to Beilein one last time
  • 36:00 Navel-gazing into the relative mystery of Juwan Howard, Michigan Basketball Coach
  • 41:30 Schedule check - Battle 4 Atlantis is going to be p h e n o m e n a l