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Blocking Chargecast: P/Reviewing Northwestern, Illinois, and Maryland

A wild MNWildcat appears to wince at his own team, mostly just talk about Illinois’ names, and speculate if even Mark Turgeon can’t screw up this much talent

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Illinois
The look of a man who might not have to play 44 minutes per night
Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports


  • 1:00 No, MY football team is worse


  • 2:40 Wha happen?
  • 4:45 At least Collins isn’t getting poached now?
  • 8:00 Turns out a 17-year-old, non-lottery-pick-type PG was a problem
  • 10:30 BTN ended up saddled with what seemed like an unfair number of Northwestern games


  • 24:15 This season is exciting, but was bought with a great pain
  • 34:00 Eyeballing the schedule
  • 39:00 Tournament’s got to be the result or we got a real problem here


  • 45:30 Best roster from a talent perspective in the conference, bar none
  • 49:45 If there’s a problem, it’s that for all the carryover, this team is still crazy young
  • 51:45 Not, uh...not much in the noncon here
  • 55:00 Conference schedule is steeply backloaded, presumably an advantage for a young team that should get better

Special Notes

  • 52:30 Special message for Holy Cross basketball