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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 11

“I’ll be coaching third base and yelling at kids until kickoff”

Happy Friday everyone, it’s time for WWBWWBD. This is the weekly segment where we chronicle how everyone will be spending game day, what they’ll be drinking, and which family members they’ll be ignoring as they check scores on their phones while being dragged around Pier 1. There’s a lot of bye weeks again. Congrats to the Rutger and Husker fans who get a week off from having to watch things happen to their team that are technically against the Geneva Convention (Presumably ‘Gers will use the off week to make up some ground in defending their Fulmer Cup title).

Can Illinois go on an unthinkable 4 game conference win streak? Do the Terps keep the score within 50? Will Iowa or Wisconsin win the de facto B1G West championship game (I said it)? Who cares? Let’s drink!


My wife is having a ladies day out with friends, which leaves me at home with two babies, some Breakfast Stout, and a few assorted crowlers from Random Row brewing. I was going to make a brisket, but honestly I’m probably just ordering pizza.


down near the goal line of Spartan Stadium drinking not a damn thing but the orange koolaid.


I’ll be home for the Purdue’s trip to Northwestern. It’s supposed to be chilly but clear so I’ll probably get the rest of the porch furniture into the barn while drinking a Miller Lite or two before kickoff. On Sunday, I’ll be traveling to Chicago to watch Da Bears in some sort of wintry mix. The plan will be to bring along the last of the Robert The Bruce along with some Bulleit bourbon to help fend off the cold.


I’ll be in Evanston for the first time in over a month drinking my favorite local brews and watching shitty football.


I’ll be working at the brewery. I do not have to endure closing duties this Saturday, so perhaps I will indulge in some of our DIPA while watching whatever game happens to be on the big screen at the time. I am just hoping it isn’t the Maryland game. EXCEPT we have a big group of Buckeyes fans that come in almost every Saturday so it’s definitely going to be the Maryland game. I’ll be wearing a Washington Nationals hat I got for free several years ago because I have no shame, and they’re my most favoritest team now....NATurally.


Got the early game for the /checks wikipedia
Governor’s Victory Bell Trophy! Minnesota will fortunately not be getting their damn dirty paws on it this year, so the trophy will return intact to State College. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at shrimp scampi, and I think this is the right time to do so. I may pick up some P-O-G juice beforehand to round out a fantastic weekend.

Candystripes For Breakfast

As of right now, I have no plans for Saturday (IU is on bye, and I’m not scheduled for the weekend at work), so while I may find time to watch some of your teams in between the Indy Eleven match (#LIPAFC), I’ll likely spend most of my Saturday watching the 13th annual Desert Bus for Hope fundraiser ( benefitting Child’s Play ( If you can also find time in your busy week (the run starts Friday morning, and will likely go through next Friday evening), maybe check them out, and if you feel like donating, even better. /soapbox


Littlest Townie has a softball game on Saturday morning. So I’ll be coaching third base and yelling at kids until kickoff. Then, for whatever reason, the PSU/Minny game kicks at noon. WTF minny? Noon? We could be in primetime. You guys will have to start drinking like deer camp to properly tailgate for this game. I’ll be slamming back some Aard-Toverfest German-style “festbier” from local Aardwolf Brewery in Jacksonville for the occasion.


I will be at Historic TCF Bank Stadium for the biggest Gopher game since ze Germans were enjoying a little holiday in Paris. Prior to the game I’ll be recording a podcast at Stub & Herbs at 8:00 AM, so my day will probably start with some mimosas and bloody marys before graduating to some Grain Belt Nordeasts in the snow.


Not watching Nebraska football, mercifully, and probably not watching any of your teams either. Saturday looks like a beautiful day before at least a week of frigid weather, so I’m going to enjoy it, in some way yet to be determined. I will be somewhere in the state of Nebraska, probably. :)

Dead Read

Bye week. Watch out Midwest, Dead Read is on the lash.
(he isn’t)

Andrew K

Most likely at home, tuning out of another death throe of the Dantonio era and addressing the 10 metric tonnes of leaves coating my yard and filling my gutters. It may also be a decent weekend to make my annual batch of apple pie. If that happens, keep a weather eye on the OTE Twitter account for an appearance of Drunj Anbrew.


Lol not even going to watch this massacre.


It’s our annual Friendsgiving celebration this Saturday. I’ll be drinking wine and New Glarus fruit sours I pilfered from my last trip to wisconsin. There will be turkey, ham, and carbs galore. Probably playing poker and gorging myself while getting increasingly frustrated by the game.

Brian Gillis

Michigan is off this week (hopefully preparing for its in-state rival) and I am, too. Another weekend in Redondo Beach.

That’s your “writers” for the week, now let’s hear from the rest of you. Sound off in the comments, bonus points for pictures of food!