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Play Bowl Pick’em with Off Tackle Empire: Contest, Rules, Other Boilerplate Crap

Pick bowl games. Win the privilege of writing shit for us. I guess.

NCAA Football: American Athletic Championship-Cincinnati at Memphis
This could be you! (If you are the coach of Memphis and winning a conference championship game! So...metaphorically, this could be you!)
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Prove that you know more about the Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns and Western Kentucky Hilltoppers than the rest of us idiots!

Or, I mean, don’t. But here’s your chance to play bowl pick’em with the rest of the Off Tackle Empire faithful. The opportunity to force the rest of the Empire to hear your ramblings on a variety of football and/or basketball topics is at stake! Don’t pass it up!

The Terms

What: Pick bowl games in the OTE Bowl Pick’em Challenge, hosted at ESPN (Straight-Up, Confidence). Passwords and group names found below.
When: Now, you dummy. You’re not working right now anyways.
Who: You. Holy shit, this is tedious.
Rules? Clearly identify your team names in the picks. I, for example, would call my picks “MNWildcat” or “I<3BillCarmody” or something equally and uniquely identifying. This is how we get you your...
REWARD! Yes. There is one. Winners of both the Straight-Up and Confidence challenges reserve the right to have one (1) Fanpost of their own writing front-paged within a month of OTE announcing the winner, provided it avoids basic no-nos like libel (or slander, we’re not run by lawyers anymore and I won’t be bothered to learn the difference), excessive profanity (consider the source here when asking “what’s the threshold for too much profanity?”), and so on. We reserve the right to change these rules at any time, particularly when it would most affect you personally.

The Contests


Pick the winners. No frills, no nothing, best out of 41 wins.
Name: OTE 2019 Bowl Pick’em ST
Password: burnatlanta
ID: 261857


Pick the winners, based on order of confidence. 41 points = most confident in that result, 1 point = least confident. Ask other questions in the comments, if you must.
Name: OTE 2019 Bowl Pick’em CON
Password: tothesea
ID: 261861

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Voice ‘em in the comments. Thanks for playing!