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Fall’s Tarts: Tart of the Year Countdown, #15-11

Does anybody else smell burning?

When we last left you yesterday, I’d unvelied #19-#17 in this list.

I stopped at 17 because as it just so happens, there’s a tie for 15th!

T15: Indiana Fake Punt Disaster (44 pts)

The Indiana Hoosiers were locked in a battle on the road against the Penn State Nittany Lions. Down 6 in the 3rd quarter, they absolutely could not afford a huge mistake.


T15: Lovie was content; nobody else was (44 pts)

Well what do you know, it’s Illinois coach Lovie Smith managing the clock at the end of the first half again! The Illini were on a hot streak of converting Nebraska turnovers into points and couldn’t waste possessions. The Huskers were moving the ball extremely well, so Illinois needed to take every opportunity to bury them too deep to recover. With a former top-100 pro-style quarterback on the field and a possession near midfield with timeouts, Lovie decided not to try and score points.

Thank goodness he learned from this, because he had the same situation in the second quarter against Michigan State, but remembered that Brandon Peters can throw and Josh Imatorbhebhe can catch. But I digress.

After the game, he explained that “we were content” with the way things were going and that’s why they didn’t try to score there. This immediately created a hashtag #WeWereContent that was used by incensed Illini fans until...other events distracted them a month later.

Peters didn’t care for the decision:

T13: Jack Stoll can’t possibly stress enough that he was encroached (46 pts)

Prior to the Nebraska-Iowa game, the Nebraska coaches must have been on Iowa twitter and learned, much to their disgust, that the referees were conspiring to undermine the integrity of the game to Iowa’s detriment. Determined to preserve sportsmanship, they let the players know before the game that the officials needed to be held accountable, lest they rig the game against Iowa.

Tight end Jack Stoll took this suggestion to heart, doing all he could to ensure the refs called a perfect game as A.J. Epenesa jumped early and ran into him:


T13: Schiano Madness! (46 pts)

The apparent dissolution of Rutgers’ reunion with Greg Schiano led to the second online fan riot Schiano has sparked.

Here, for instance, are Rutgers fans burning some Rutgers gear

Like, remember how Cavaliers fans burned their LeBron merch, and then he came back a few years later and...nobody really wanted to address that? Imagine if LeBron had instead announced a week after The Decision that actually he’d never finalized anything and he was staying in Cleveland.

A Zuzu parody account briefly popped up after she attempted to explain that the world is not ending:

There’s still a parody account of Rutgers AD Pat Hobbs, and #FireHobbs continues even after he brought Schiano back to Jersey. It went from “fire Pat Hobbs for not closing the deal on Schiano” to “we got Schiano, but we still need to fire that guy

For all this and more, Rutgers earned this spot!

#12: “Go support your Gophers,” she tweeted from outside the stadium (49 pts)

The World’s Greatest Gopher Fan took to Twitter to admonish the Gopher faithful for not staying until the end of a blowout victory over noted blood rival Maryland Terrapins. She did couch it as an Unpopular Opinion, but the conclusion was that the Gophers “deserve better” than what the fans are currently providing.

Good thing the Internet doesn’t save your receipts!

Now, it’s certainly not from the same game, but given that the tweet on the right exists, it’s a little strange to imply that the type of fan that wouldn’t be in the stadium right now is unworthy of this great team when you yourself are that type of fan.

#11. Minnesota sets fire to their stadium (58 pts)

The tenor of the Minnesota faithful has finally arrived at “we were always this good, we just kept losing games for some reason and just needed someone to clean up a few mistakes.”

But let’s not forget where they came from. Just this year, a dramatic rally to keep the perfect season alive saw them take victory from the mighty Georgia Southern Eagles. In their exuberance, Minnesota set their stadium on fire.

The cause of the TCF Bank Stadium fire was related to the pyrotechnics that were set off after the game. We’re very proud of Minnesota for not burning the whole campus to the ground after their win over Penn State.