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Falls Tarts: Tart of the Year Countdown, #10-#7

i’m floating away!

Let’s get it tarted in HA
Let’s get it tarted in here
Let’s get it tarted in HA
Let’s get it tarted in here

#10: Rutgers Cheerleader Celebrates Ohio State Touchdown (65 pts)

TO BE FAIR, Ohio State does sometimes look a little like Rutgers, and more to the point it’s gotta be awfully hard to pay even the remotest amount of attention to what’s going on during yet another lopsided contest between these two. However, what makes this Tart great is partially that he was clapping as JK Dobbins ran towards him after scoring, but more than that it’s the lightning-quick about-face as soon as he realizes his mistake. Look at how quickly he gets that poker face up.

#9: Taint What You Punch, It’s The Way That You Punch It (That’s What Gets You Ejected) (82 pts)

This, of course, refers to Illini linebacker Milo Eifler’s ejection from the game against Michigan State. I was in attendance for that game, and I was already concerned about linebacking depth when I heard Jake Hansen wouldn’t play. Then, VERY early in the game, Eifler was tossed and headed to the locker room. They didn’t replay this, so we were confused for a hot minute. Then I found video of his crime on Twitter:

It’s unclear what part of the undercarriage Eifler’s punch made contact with, but whatever part it was, you’re not allowed to punch it.

Eifler tweeted an apology as soon as he got to the locker room, but that didn’t do the defense any favors. Without two starting LB’s, Michigan State got out to a 28-3 lead.

#8: Purdue Goal Marker Becomes Unmoored In Stormy Seas (89 pts)

Purdue hosted Illinois in a driving rainstorm, and with a passing game rendered impotent by the conditions, they were ill-prepared to deal with the game. I don’t just mean the team, either:

The Purdue sideline was straight-up flooded about three inches deep in the fourth quarter. I can’t watch that gif without getting this stuck in my head.

#7: Maryland lets the Cornhuskers recover their own kickoff (96 pts)

Nebraska came into this game as the better team, but I don’t think anyone expected it to be anywhere near this lopsided. The Huskers jumped out to a 14-0 lead in the first ten minutes, and then this happened:

At this point, you just conclude it’s One Of Those Days