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Is The 14-Way Big Ten Basketball Tie Going To Happen? Breaking Down Early Conference Play

How mushy is the mushy mushy middle?

NCAA Basketball: Alabama at Penn State Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Michigan State Spartans stand atop the Big Ten at 1-0.

Twelve teams are tied for second.

Northwestern is 14th at 0-1.


But first, let’s break down why the Big Ten looks so deep, salute Jordan Bohannon for some serious sauce, and put some respect on the name of Rutgers, or at least their coach.

Penn State might have the best team they’ve fielded this millennium and as a result are earning consideration in the top tier of the conference.

Ohio State is talented but still flawed.

We’ll preview some of the upcoming games as well, including and especially Braggin’ Rights between Illinois and Miznoz.

Thumpasaurus has much to say about this game.