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Big Ten Basketball Midweek Recaps

Quick and dirty: Northwestern ruins everything.

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Northwestern Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

Hope you all passed your finals.

#5 Ohio State Buckeyes 80, SE Missouri State Redhawks 48

Kaleb Wesson is substantially bigger than anyone who plays for SEMO State, and while this one was relatively close at halftime the Buckeyes are substantially better than the Redhawks.

Moving on.

Purdue Boilermakers 69, Ohio University Bobcats 51

No Matt Haarms? Only some problems, but certainly not on the defensive end. The Boilers held down the glass, got a big right from Eric Hunter Jr., and coasted to a 37-17 halftime lead. They didn’t look back.

Boilerman31: Purdue won this game in one of the more bizarre scheduling moves I’ve seen. At least they didn’t dicktrip on national TV. That’s about all the insight I can provide. I was on a business trip in Berlin and had every intention of waking up early and watching the second half.

That didn’t happen mostly because of this:

I regret nothing.

#15 Michigan State 77, Northwestern Wildcats 72

MNW: This game was never this close, and don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking otherwise. Freshman guard Boo Buie channeled his inner Tre Demps—or Talor Battle because DID YOU KNOW THEY’RE BROTHERS (I actually didn’t before this game started, but now that I’ve seen Battle eat a soft pretzel, I know it to be true)—and was an unconscious 5/7 from deep en route to a career-high 26 points. It was absurd. Bombing threes, circus-shot floaters, everything in between—the kid can be great, and he’s gonna have the green light to chuck regardless.

That was the only high point. Stop me if you heard this before: Northwestern was dominated on the offensive glass and struggled to contain Michigan State’s transition game, Cassius Winston (or whichever Sparty player is MVP of that given year, really) played out of his mind, and after treating the first half like a happy-time giggle-fest, Tom Izzo got really shouty and mad and Michigan State thwarted every Wildcat run.

I may have wished that something bad happen to Robbie Hummel’s knee during this broadcast. Even by his usual rock-headed standards, this was an awful call of the game on a night when there were no other games and BTN could have walked literally anyone from Rosemont over to Evanston. The highlight, for me, was when AJ Turner tipped a Michigan State three and the wounded duck sailed just over Ryan Young’s turned head as he was blocking out, right into the arms of a waiting MSU player for a layup. Hummel proceeded into a treatise on how Young needed to secure the offensive rebound, presumably by growing compound eyes, a 360-degree radar, and Stretch Armstrong arms. Fuck him.

Michigan State now improves to something like 13-2 at Welsh-Ryan Arena this millennium. Great.

Andrew K: I don’t want to be accused of #roadwinprivilege, but MSU tried, hard, to give Northwestern this game.

As important as it is for MSU to get Cassius Winston some rest, as soon as he went to the bench, Boo Buie toasted Foster Loyer like Tracy McGrady against the Spurs. Did like what I saw from Xavier Tillman and Marcus Bingham in the frontcourt; I was worried Bingham might struggle with the thiccness of Northwestern’s frontline, but he held his own in the post pretty well.

Seton Hall Pirates 52, #7 Maryland Terrapins 48

And with that, the Terrapins pick up the highly-coveted “transitive loss to Rutgers.” It’s so damn beautiful.

DJ Carver: Maryland has a Top 5 team in terms of talent and our coaching is going to make it hard to make it to the NIT.

Mark Turgeon needs to be fired. We scored 7 points in SEVENTEEN minutes. This isn’t an anomaly. This has been a trend all season where he can’t motivate his team to come ready to play and has openly admitted they’ve only been able to install five plays that the team runs well. FIVE. This is Division 1, Power 5 conference basketball we are talking about and he can’t install more than five plays?

Fire this man, now.


Should Maryland fire Mark Turgeon?

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