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2019 Cotton Bowl Preview

2020 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic - Rink Build Out Photo by Sam Hodde/NHLI via Getty Images

Of the three B1G teams playing in a NY6 Bowl this year, Penn State certainly has the most blues. The midseason loss to Minnesota and follow up near-throttling against Ohio State kept the Nittany Lions from both the College Football Playoffs and their latest Rose Bowl bid. But the holiday season is the worst time to be sad, fellow Lions, we’ve got a hell of a matchup in the Cotton Bowl against the Memphis Tigers!

Things to Consider

• This here is the third NY6 bowl for our favorite team in the last four years. Know who else can claim that? Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin. That’s pretty decent company to keep. lol@Michigan.

• The Cotton Bowl Game is played not in the original Cotton Bowl, but in AT&T Stadium, the home of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys. What it lacks in atmosphere, it makes up for in TV screen suspended over the field.

• This is the first NY6 Bowl Game for the Memphis Tigers.

1. A Tiger has never beaten a Nittany Lion in a fair fight.

2. Memphis also has the blues, it’s kind of their thing.

3. Since their victory against Akron in 2005, Memphis is 1-6 in bowl games, including an Iowa State loss in their own stadium.

4. The Tigers are 2-3 all time against teams from Pennsylvania. This year, the Temple Tuff Owls gave Memphis their only loss coming into this game.

5. Coach Mike Norvell took the Florida State job, Memphis has replaced him with a Ryan Silverfield. Ryan Silverfield was the Tigers’ offensive line coach prior to his promotion. He does not yet have a wikipedia page. I feel like he would be a good saxophone player.

• Looking for things to do around the stadium? Well, you’re in Arlington, so good luck. There’s a Six Flags in walking distance, as well as the Texas Rangers Stadium which has 16 times the charisma as AT&T, so still only a little.


a) Head to Dallas, see Dealey Plaza, then go on a BBQ crawl. Some super good food in that part of the world, so eat as much of it as you can. Bring some to your tailgate and be the hero you want to see.

b) Go to H-E-B and pick up a 40 pack of Lone Star and a sixer of every variety of Shiner beer available.

c) If you're wanting to stick around town longer, the actual Cotton Bowl hosts the NHL's Winter Classic on January 1st.