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The Six Biggest Missed Opportunities In 2019 College Football Bowl Game Scheduling

The bowl schedule had so many opportunities to be better!

NCAA Football: Oregon at Arizona State Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The full 2019 college football bowl schedule is out, and it involves the Illinois Fighting Illini!

This is magnificent.

What’s not magnificent is that MNWildcat got me very worked up about some extremely amusing potential bowl game matchups that the powers that be could have made happen, but chose not to.

Here are, in my opinion, the six biggest missed opportunities this year.

6: Chris Petersen versus Literally Anyone Other Than The Boise State Broncos

The Las Vegas Bowl has decided to entrap the Washington Huskies in an absolutely diabolical send-off for their head coach in his final game. Chris Petersen was of course the longtime coach of the Boise State Broncos, where he went 92-12 and cemented the Broncos’ status as a college football stalwart.

Why the Las Vegas Bowl wanted to send Chris Petersen out like this instead of, say, taking Arizona State or Cal or something, I have no idea.

5: Tennessee Volunteers vs. Virginia Tech Hokies

This could definitely have been the Belk Bowl matchup instead of the Hokies against the Kentucky Wildcats. These two campuses are less than 240 miles apart, and these two teams once played a football game on the infield of Bristol Motor Speedway.

This could have been a hell of a party!

4: Mark Dantonio vs. Pat Narduzzi

I think fans of both the Michigan State Spartans and the Pittsburgh Panthers would have vastly preferred to see those two teams face each other, whether in the Pinstripe Bowl or the Quicklane Bowl. Pitt fans would love to see their student surpass the master; State fans would love getting some validation that their man is in fact over the hill and should step away.

Both would ultimately walk away wanting to vomit at the 9-6 Spartans victory, but this deserved to happen. Preferably outside in New York. What a shame. Instead, Pitt plays the Eastern Michigan Eagles and the Spartans play Wake Forest.

3: Lovie vs. Herm

Tell me this wouldn’t have been amazing! The Illinois Fighting Illini will play a 7-5 PAC-12 team in the Redbox Bowl...and for some reason, it’s the California Golden Bears. The Arizona State Sun Devils had virtually the same season, just with one more win. They beat a Rose Bowl participant at home, defeated Michigan State in a very stupid way, had a coach do and say confusing things in a way that made him more likeable...Who wouldn’t have wanted this dream matchup of head coaches that were decent in the NFL fifteen years ago?

2: Indiana vs. Kentucky

The Indiana Hoosiers got selected for the Gator Bowl, which should have meant the other half of this equation got entered. Instead, Tennessee takes Kentucky’s place. Not only would this be an amazing one-off continuation of a dead rivalry, it would be an appealing match-up. Lynn Bowden, Jr. is the closest thing I’ve seen to Antwaan Randle-El since the original. This would be a high scoring game between two fanbases that hate each other. What an absolute riot we missed out on.

1: Texas vs. Texas A&M

This is number one with a bullet, reportedly because the ADs of the Texas Longhorns and the Texas A&M Aggies are both too cowardly to put their 7-5 records on the line against each other in the TEXAS BOWL. This should have been beautiful. Obviously, each program strives for more than 7-5...which is why this is the perfect time to play each other! Nothing else matters but this.

Look, when you have fight songs that reference the other school, you’re rivals. You can’t un-rival. It’s a complete and utter shame that America was deprived of this game.

What else did you want to see that turned out to be too good for this world?