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These are Big Ten basketball recaps and if you didn’t know that already, you can just sit and swivel.


Basketball is canceled. Go home, all of you.


Michigan Wolverines 61, wisconsin badgers 52

beezer07: Wisconsin lost the revenge game at Michigan this weekend, in the 2nd UM-Wisconsin game I didn’t watch this season because it was early Saturday afternoon and that’s such a garbage time for NCAA Basketball.

Michigan State Spartans 79, Minnesota Golden Gophers 55

Andrew K: Saturday was a return to MSU’s more typical form, though it feels like a bit much to ask Matt McQuaid to completely replace Josh Langford’s production like that. It would be great, however, if they get something like 65-70% of that consistently, because their other options on the wing are still-recovering Kyle Ahrens and freshman Aaron Henry.

Also good to see Nick Ward back in a good headspace, though that seems to change as often as Midwestern weather.

Purdue Boilermakers 81, Nebraska Cornhuskers 62

Boilerman31: I did not see this coming. Not the 27 points from Carsen Edwards. Nor the 12 points from Nojel Eastern. Nor Ryan Cline hitting timely threes.

No, I’m talking about Grady Eifert.

If you would’ve told me the former walk-on would be perfect from the field and the free throw line and score 16 points, I would’ve said you were under the influence of a foreign substance. This is another guy on this team who is answering the call of his critics and telling us to piss off. Matt Painter and company continue to stay hot headed into the homestretch and I couldn’t be happier.

Illinois Fighting Illini 99, Rutgers Scarlet Knights 94 (OT)

Thumpsaurus: Giorgi. Bezhanishvili.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine he’d ever be this good, let alone as a true freshman.

Probably should have watched this game.


Ohio State Buckeyes 55, Indiana Hoosiers 52

Candystripes for Breakfast: A game where Juwan Morgan didn’t score until almost 5 minutes into the second half, and then didn’t score again, would normally be one you expect Indiana to lose by a firm double-digit margin.

Instead, the Hoosiers were close throughout, and could very easily have won if they had played a little smarter, or been slightly luckier. None of that changes the fact that IU is now 1-9 in its last 10 games, are realistically on the outside looking in for an NCAA bid, and kind of need a major turnaround if any postseason hopes are going to live much past the end of this month.

Iowa Hawkeyes 80, Northwestern Wildcats 79

Stewmonkey13: Holy shit, that was terrifyingly awesome.

On a night Iowa was suffering a massive letdown, and jNW seemed to get every bounce, Jordan Bohannon pulled a win out of nowhere. Every season there’s a few games where good shots don’t go down, where weird bounces end up having the ball find the hands of the opposition. Where a dude who has been mostly dreadful for a month suddenly gets on fire. You just know it’s a game you’re just not going to win.

Well, that was the Iowa/jNW game. Vic Law emerged from his slump, Luka Garza and Ryan Kriener disappeared. And Jordan Bohannon had 2 whole points.

Iowa found itself down 15 points with 4 minutes to go against a basement dweller and facing the dreaded Bad Loss™. Iowa dialed up the pressure, forcing jNW, a team without a point guard, into turnovers with the 3/4 court trap.

And Jordan Fucking Bohannon took over, scoring 13 points in 98 seconds including a fall away 3 with 0.6 seconds left on the clock. No way Iowa deserved that win, and yet here we are.

Creighton M: It’s easy to get excited after a ridiculous come from behind win that Iowa absolutely should’ve lost.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of fun and we should absolutely be celebrating a team that has the fortitude to come out on the good side of one of these games, but once the confetti clears it’s hard to ignore the fact that the Hawkeyes mostly got outplayed at home by one of the bottom 3 teams in the league. Once again, Fran McCaffery had no answers for his team’s defensive struggles, and it almost led to another signature “bad loss” by Iowa in February.

Luckily (and much to MNW’s dismay) Wieskamp was able to make some plays late, Northwestern couldn’t take care of their free throws, and Jordan Bohannon was wearing black and gold.

MNW: I want to die.