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Big Ten Basketball Weekend Previews, Open Thread: MICHIGAN BATTLE

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Time for Michigan and Michigan State to show us who’s best in the Big Ten (no, it’s not Purdue).

Michigan v Michigan State Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Iowa beat Indiana last night. I’m not going to recap the score, how it happened, whatever. But any Iowa fan who continues to do the “why us” bullshit in-game can eat a large bag of ‘em. This is your season of luck/bullshit/destiny/whatever, enjoy it.

By the way—we never really got around to talking about the suspension of radio play-by-play man Gary Dolphin for comparing Maryland’s Bruno Fernando to “King Kong” at the end of the Terps-Hawkeyes game, but I think most level=-headed folk are in the same camp here. Dolphin (1) probably wasn’t intentionally comparing Fernando—who is from Angola—to a large primate, but (2) was far too casual with his really, really stupid language in a season where he (3) has already pissed off the Iowa basketball powers that be by ripping Maishe Dailey on a hot mic. These comments are not the standalone moment, but it’s certainly a lifetime achievement award. How it hasn’t come back to bite Teflon Gary Barta in the ass, though, I’ll never know. Fuck that guy.

(Oh, and the reason “one player who never scores” always goes off is because your defense is a large assburger. You know that, right? I can’t wait for Murray State to eat you alive.)


Penn State Nittany Lions at Illinois Fighting Illini

PSU: 10-16 (3-12) | ILL: 10-16 (6-9)
11am | BTN | Ill -2.5 | O/U 146.5



Which spidey?

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  • 0%
    The one that plays fast and loose, has a grumpy coach with a weird look, and wears dark blue.
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  • 100%
    The one that plays fast and loose, has an even grumpier coach with a weird look, and wears dark blue.
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#15 Purdue Boilermakers at Nebraska Cornhuskers

PU: 19-7 (12-3) | UNL: 15-12 (5-11)
1pm | BTN | Pur -6 | O/U 137.5

BigRedTwice: Nebraska is apparently in freefall and Purdue is good. I was going to go to this one, but the weather looks awful for driving and on the whole, I’m not sad to miss it as it promises to be very ugly.

Boilerman31: Hold the phone there, BRT. This game officially has my upset alert senses tingling.

Carsen Edwards hasn’t been the same since that disaster of a second half against Marlyand. If someone else doesn’t step up soon, the Boilers Big Ten Title hopes could easily go by the wayside despite having the easiest remaining schedule of the contenders. Weird things happen in PBA to “good” teams, I’m wary of this one.


PBA magic?

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  • 38%
    Sure, Huskers with the stunner.
    (12 votes)
  • 61%
    Nah, Boilermakers roll.
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Ohio State Buckeyes at Maryland Terrapins

OSU: 17-9 (7-8) | MD: 20-7 (11-5)
1pm | ESPN | MD -5.5 | O/U 128.5

Well would you look at that? Maybe there’s been a reason Ohio State’s stuck around in bracketology all season. If they can get to .500 in conference play down an admittedly tough run-in (only game against an unranked team is a second game with Northwestern), it’s damn impressive.


Who cracks?

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#22 wisconsin badgers at Northwestern Wildcats

wi: 18-8 (10-5) | NU: 12-14 (3-12)
7:30pm | BTN | wisc -5 | O/U 121.5

Beezer07: What better way to spend your Saturday night than watching Wisconsin face the raucous atmosphere of whatever the name of Northwestern’s arena is.

In the second of several “uh....Wisconsin really better not lose this game” games between now and the end of the regular season, I’ll be watching to see whether Happ bounces back generally, whether Iverson can show he’s finally taken a step forward, and whether Trice can regain his role as someone who can actually, what’s the word...score.

Wisconsin by 15. Or losing by 2.

MNW: wisconsin by 25.



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  • 12%
    Purple ‘Cats
    (5 votes)
  • 87%
    Stripey Skunks
    (35 votes)
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#10 Michigan State Spartans at #7 Michigan Wolverines

MSU: 22-5 (13-3) | MI: 24-3 (13-3)
2:45pm | CBS

Andrew K: There were some signs on Wednesday that MSU might figure out its Wardless rotation quicker than I thought, but winning at Michigan would’ve been a tall order even with him. If Xavier Tillman decisively wins his matchup with Jon Teske, I could see this being close. Otherwise this feels like a loss, probably by around 10 points.


Best in the Mitten State?

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Minnesota Golden Gophers at Rutgers Scarlet Knights

MN: 17-10 (7-9) | RU: 12-14 (5-11)
5:30pm | BTN

WhiteSpeedReceiver: Robert Kraft got arrested in a human trafficking prostitution sting.

Also: We’ve lost at Rutgers at the end of the disaster season 3 years ago. It’d be pretty apt to lose again during an unbelievably frustrating season.

(As an aside, after former 4-star PG Kevin Dorsey left Minnesota following...the stupidity that got him suspended for the above-mentioned Rutgers game he transfered to Colorado State under Larry Eustachy. But instead of playing for Leisure Suit Larry he left and went to Indian Hills CC, where it appears that he never played a minute there either. So the former top 125 recruit seemingly finished his career by playing 475 minutes of basketball and averaged about 7 points a game and an amazing 0 a/to ratio.)


After WSR’s helpful preview, I’m sure you know who will win:

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    (14 votes)
  • 20%
    (23 votes)
  • 67%
    Robert Kraft got arrested in a human trafficking prostitution sting.
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Here’s your open thread for the weekend of Big Ten basketball. Don’t burn the place down.