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Basketball Recaps: Sparty to win it all, Winston to win POTY. Same as ever.

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It’s the Spartans’ conference to lose. Ho-hum.

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Huh. Busy weekend, maybe? Or perhaps you’re like my parents and still stranded in southern Minnesota because the wind and snow have made roads impassable. There’s no one around to slip Eggos and baloney under my door; I may starve.

Anyways, we had a brief Big Ten Player of the Year discussion:

Stewmonkey13: Winston is the POTY, right? We’re all agreed? Or are wisconsin fans gonna be idiots about this?

Andrew Kraszewski: BTN made some comment making it sound like Edwards is still the frontrunner.

Not when you go 1/20 or whatever he was the last 2 games and your team wins in spite of you.

DJ Carver: Winston. Carsen Edwards, Bruno Fernando, Ethan Happ in that order as runners-up.


Penn State Nittany Lions 83, Illinois Fighting Illini 76

This game was a disaster. There was a fun little sequence in which an Illini player might’ve fouled Penn State’s non-Mike Watkins big (John Harrar, it appears), who promptly swung an elbow and missed a layup as play was whistled dead. It took approximately a 30-minute review to determine that there was still a common foul on the offending Illini (is their a singular for Illini? There should be), a flagrant foul on the elbowing Nittany Lion, and a technical foul on Brad Underwood, who summarily lost his shit on the referee.

Oh, and after the review, Penn State was still awarded the two points from the layup for a period of time.

You’re thinking “But wait—didn’t he miss the layup?”

He did. Eventually they caught the error, but that’s how much of a shitshow this was.

Thump at one point called Penn State a goon squad and wished ill on Pat Chambers, then could not be reached for game-specific comment. Instead, a Northwestern fan is recapping the majority of these basketball games in a season (you’ll see) in which the team has been (and this is the technical term) major butthole.

#15 Purdue Boilermakers 75, Nebraska Cornhuskers 72

BigRedTwice: Well, certainly a good effort from the Huskers, which was great to see! I sure wish they could have won it, but after the PSU debacle, I thought they’d get blown out of the gym. Moral victories do nothing, but it was still a good bounce back from a dreadful performance, and against a very good team. Really nice to see Glynn Watson have a good game too.

Also hope Purdue enjoys Lincoln. I don’t think they’re getting out today.

Boilerman31: Can confirm Boilers did not get out of Lincoln.

#24 Maryland Terrapins 72, Ohio State Buckeyes 62

Maryland has slipped, it appears, into this nice, comfortable numbness in the Mark Turgeon Era: Not good enough to really earn much in-season attention, but not bad enough to have fans at the barricades as long as he’s kind of in the NCAA Tournament.

That’s about it. I didn’t watch this game; I went out to a beer festival in the snow in Minnesota, then got Hy-Vee Chinese on the way home as my wife’s way of placating me.

#22 wisconsin badgers 69, Northwestern Wildcats 64

MNW: Nah. Good fight from the ‘Cats, but...apparently Aleem Ford is good or something, again. Hit some nice threes late for the badgers.

It was Vic Law with 24 and Dererk Pardon with 21 for the Wildcats. You might be thinking: “But MNW, Northwestern only scored 64 points! Did those two really have 45 of their team’s 64 points?” And to that, I would say, “Yes, you dumbass, and you haven’t been paying attention to how bad this team is.”

Beez, did you have any thoughts on the NU-wisc game?

Beez: Beez [< 1 minute ago]
Beez [10:03 PM]
I don’t understand how Wisconsin is still leading this disaster of a game

mnw [10:24 PM]
This is bad basketball, friend.

Beez [10:30 PM]
There is a lot of people passing or shooting while they’re falling down
What are they reviewing? Possession?

mnw [10:31 PM]
Are you supposed to shoot whilst standing up?

Beez [10:32 PM]
I think you want momentum toward the basket when possible

We hope this has cleared up this basketball game for you—wait beez just got back to me with more thoughts:

Beez [< 1 minute ago]
Those are my basic thoughts, but I can add a couple more. The entire game felt like NW was on a run and about to take the lead and come back...but that never happened. NW’s crowd sounded awesome, Law and Pardon were unstoppable, and somehow there was feedback on the BTN broadcast.

Also, to all the loosers and haters out there, Happ played basically every second of the game, even down the stretch when it was a one-possession game the whole time. He doesn’t get taken out in late game situations (yet) because opposing teams for some reason haven’t decided fouling him is the easiest way to stretch a game out to give time for a comeback (yet). Seriously B1G, it’s been an entire career of him being a bad FT many close games are you going to let slip away?

Also also, WTF Wisconsin allowing NW to take a 3 at the end of the game, down 3. Play aggressive and foul whoever has the ball well outside the arc before they get a chance to shoot.

This was way too much about a bad game, beez. But thank you.


#10 Michigan State Spartans 77, #7 Michigan Wolverines 70

Andrew Kraszewski: Well hey diddily hey, neighbors, how we doin’ today? Recap? Why sure!

Much to my elated surprise, MSU was up for the task in Ann Arbor, ruining the 30th anniversary honoring thing for Michigan’s only national title team.*

Izzo’s defensive game plan was outstanding, leaving nothing easy, and Cassius Winston got just enough support from Xavier Tillman and Kenny Goins to keep it tight until winning time, when Cash took over. If it was still in doubt, he probably won the CPOY this year and should probably get a bit more Naismith chatter. He also played all 40 and it’s really fortunate that MSU now has 6 days before looking to tag Indiana back.

*Steve Fisher is a filthy cheater and that banner should be in the same dumpster as Louisville’s.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights 68, Minnesota Golden Gophers 64

WhiteSpeedReceiver: Last time I defended [Pitino] because 3 players were suspended due to a consensual phone recording getting released. There’s no defense for losing to Rutgers now. Not when the season depends on that win.

We’ve lost to Rutgers and wisconsin. [And Illinois. Jesus.] There’s clearly no gimmies for this team.

AK: The defense would be [that] Rutgers ain’t a freebie anymore. Not that that makes it OK for a team in Minny’s position.

Thump: Here’s the thing:
Minnesota is 8th in the conference standings, half a game ahead of Illinois and one game ahead of Rutgers. So anyway, being a butgers rasketball’s like what I always say about the upside of being an Illini football fan. There’s never a level you can rise to where opposing fanbases won’t melt the fuck down when you beat them.


Best win of the weekend?

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